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Mission Help Rules & FAQ - Read Before Posting


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Welcome to Mission Help

Have a question about mission and need some suggestions or need a mission done for you or maybe you're the helping time and just want to pitch in and help out around here. Then you've come to the right place.


Table of Contents:

Post 1: General rules for the forum and hot to use Save'N'Play (SnP or SNP)

Post 2: Where to upload your save game to get help with using the SNP

Post 3: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Post 4: DO NOT Email OR PM [sNP] Request

Post 5: Some New Rules

Post 6: Helper's Reminders

Post 7: Useful Links


Getting mission help without getting the mission done for you

Easy, just create a topic and tell everyone what problems you're having with what mission. It's a good idea to use the mission name as your topic title, don't just leave it as "Help" or some else vague.



Getting a mission done for you

1. Create a topic in the Mission Help forum. Use the title [sNP] "mission name" (do not include the quotes), for example: [sNP] Freefall

2. In the body list all of the missions you want to done, perferably using the following format...

Missions: mission names here

Link: the URL to your saved game here (need a place to upload it? read the next post)

Notes: anything you want the helper to be aware of when they do your mission for you


DO NOT use someone elses topic to get a mission of your own done. One person to a topic, please.


DO NOT email or PM me or anyone else with mission request. Make a topic to make your request. That is one of the reasons this forum is here for.


Please help the helpers out by remembering to do the following things..these are in order of what I personal feel are most important

1. Save at the nearest save point to the mission to be done that is avalible to you.

No one, not even you, really wants to drive from one end of this HUGE map to the other just to do a mission for someone.

2. Try to have enough weapons and ammo to be able to complete the mission.

No one wants to have to get in the middle of a shoot out and only have 5 rounds of ammo and only a pistol.

3. Try to have full armor. This is mostly a request by a few of the helpers so they don't have to do searching for it before trying to do you mission.



Doing a mission for someone else

These people are called Helpers

Your job is simple, find a topic that starts with [sNP] and that is NOT locked and do the mission. Once you have completed the mission please use the following format to post your results into that topic...

For: name of the person whose mission you've done...this will be explained why later

Missions: list of missions you completed

Helper: your name...again this be explained later

Link: the URL to the saved game with that you did for the above person (need a place to upload it? read the next post)


It's also a good idea if you make a quick reply in the topic you are going to be doing a mission for that you are working on it. Something as simple as "I'm on it" will be fine.

In the past it was suggested to then edit your "I'm on it" post with your results....but with the new system it's not required.


The reason for using this "helper result format" is to help me in collecting this info and added it to the SnP stats table.


If you want to make life easier on yourself if you start doing lots of missions for others, and if you're using Firefox or Mozilla then you might want to check out the BBCode extension.

After it's installed, right-click on a text field such as what you use for web email or posting to a forum and select BBcode->Settings->Custom Tags

Set it to 1 (you can make up to 10) set the lable to something like: SNP Helper

For the Tag field type the following...or you can copy&paste


[b]For:[/b] \n[b]Missions:[/b] \n[b]Helper:[/b] YOURNAME\n[b]Link:[/b] \n[b]Notes:[/b] \n[b][color=orange]Complete[/color][/b]


The bold and the orange Complete are optional. However the \n between each part is required to tell the extension to use a new line.



Why is the Save N Play being done this way?

This is so that the people requesting help and find their request again later and see if anyone as done their request yet. Fast and simple, no more having to scroll through page after page in hopes of finding if someone as done it or not.


The reason for the [sNP] at the start of the topic, is that the helpers can tell the SNP topics part from the people that are just asking for tips, suggestions, and what not for help with missions...that is after all what this forum is all about.


The helpers are still asking, 'but why the strange format to follow?'

Well this info will be used by myself and the Mission Help mods (currently that includes; Plaka and TornadoRex) to copy and paste that info this here topic as a reply-post, which will then be used by myself (and TornadoRex) in being able to update the stats table you see above.


All request topics will be locked soon after the request as been completed. This done for 2 reasons, but hopefully you'll have enough time to make a "thanks reply" before that happens. So that you (the one making the request) and see that your request as been filled. Also so that someone else doesn't look at your topic and think "well I'll just use his/her topic too because I need the exact same thing done." Make your own topic topic people, please.

Lastly it's so that the helpers can look at the lock and say, 'ok that's done already,' and move on to another topic instead of having to stick their head in there just to find out it's already done.


If you have suggestions as to how to make the whole SNP system better, please feel free to post your suggestions to the pinned topic SNP Suggestions.


These rules for the most part are repeated in the new SnP topic (I copied them from there to here).

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Need a place to upload your saved game?

All sites listed are free and easy to use




Samutz Save N Play Uploader&Downloader


Quick and pretty easy. Made ONLY for GTA saved game files (GTA3, VC and SA...so far). File life span: Unknown
How to Upload:

1. Click Browse and select the saved game file you want to upload

2. Click Upload

3. On the next page copy and paste the URL give to you in the body of the page to your post

How to Download:

1. Clicking the link you are given

2. There will be a choice of 8 links to click on labed Slot1, Slot2 and so on.

It does not matter which one you select, they are all the same only the file name is different.

YouSendIt.com http://www.yousendit.com
Quick and more or less simple site to use. Uploads up to 1GB are allowed, so a 200K-/+ saved game file shouldn't be a problem. File life span is about 7 days or 25 downloads, which ever comes first.
How to Upload:

1. Ignore their Step #1. This would be if you were uploading a file and ideally only wanted one person to know about plus this way you don't have to site and watch paint dry as this uploads.

2. Their Step #2; click browse and select the saved game file you need help with (or if you're a helper the one you did for someone else). Ignore the rest; this is if you were using their Step #1 and wanted to know that it uploaded completely

3. Click Submit

4. You'll get an upload in progress page, wait for this page to change. On the next page will be a URL in the body of the page; copy the URL and paste it into your post.

How to Download:

1. Click the link you are given.

2. Click on Download Now

3. On the next page, wait a few seconds and the download will start

RapidShare.de http://rapidshare.de/
Quick and very easy to use. File size limit is 50MB, again no problem for GTA saved game files. File life span; possibly unlimited, however if a file has been active for about 30days (give or take) then the file will be removed.
How to Upload:

1. Click Browse and fine the file your saved game file.

2. Click Upload

3. When the page changes, look at the bottom for Your Download-Link, copy and paste that URL into your post

How to Download:

1. Click on the link you are given

2. At the bottom of the page click the button marked Free

3. On the next page you'll have to wait about 40second before given a link to click on to start the download.



Once you click that Free button you are commited to the download in their eyes. You are limited to the bandwidth you can download in 1 hour.


April 25, 2007 - New URL for "Samutz Save N Play Uploader&Downloader"

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GTAForum - Mission Help - FAQ's



Q: What the heck is SNP or SnP ?

A: It means Save N' Play which was the Title of the original Topic that eventually became 'Mission Help'



Q: Why do I have to put [sNP] in the Topic Title?

A: It announces to the Helper's that a mission needs doing, if you don't type it in, your request may not get done as quickly.




Q: How to upload your File:

A: You just missed it, go back up one post from here there are 3 main choices but you're not limited to these



Q: Where is my Save Game file?

A: My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\

The file is named GTASAsf1.b (the number will be from 1-8 depending on what Slot you Saved in)



Q: I lost my Save File can someone send me theirs?

A: Here are all the Mission Saves: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=205856



Q: My Save Game file is corrupt

A: See above.



Q: My game has a Mod can the SNP still help me?

A: Put the name of the Mod and version in the Topic Description box when you post, and if possible add a link to the Mod file, or include the original Mod with your Saved Game file.



Q: I posted like 10 minutes ago and no-one has done my thing

A: Be PATIENT your Mission will be done when a Helper gets around to it, if you Bump your post to gain attention it annoys people so don't do it.




Q: How can I become a Helper?

A: Go back to the top post and read about "Doing a mission for someone else"



Q: So what do I get for being a Helper?

A: A nice warm fuzzy feeling that you did your good deed for the day.



Q: I know all you Helper's use cheats and trainers

A: WRONG ... if you have to cheat to pass a Mission then you wouldn't be a good Helper, ANYONE can cheat.

All missions can be done without using cheats.

Any Helper that uses a cheat to do a mission (unless the requester said it was ok to use cheats) will get wolf68k very ticked off.




Q: How do I do the 'Cesar Vialpando' mission with the car hopping?

A: Use the NUMBER PAD keys, 2,4,8,6



Q: How do I do the 'Life's a Beach' mission dancing on the beach?

A: Use the ARROW keys



Q: I use the correct keys but it still doesn't work...

A: Make sure your Keyboard - Repeat Delay is SHORT & Repeat Rate is FAST

(Start/Control Panel/Keyboard)



Q: What's the key/button for ...

A: Look in your manual, since you did buy the game. But if you're lazy or you "lost" your manual, look in the in-Game Menu "Options / Controller Setup".



Q: How do I recruit Gang Members?

A: AIM at them with a gun and press G on the keyboard. Or press up for PS2



Q: I need all Golds at ALL the Schools.

A: NO you don't! You only need Bronze (+70%) to pass the school.

Gold gives you some extra vehicles, boats etc but the ONLY one that's worth it is Flight School where you get the Hunter Helicopter, useful for getting around and Vigilante Mission.



Q: I can't keep up with the Firetruck in End Of The Line Mission.

A: If you think you have a slow system, turn the graphics right down.

Anti-Aliasing- 0

Resolution- 640x468 32bit

Texture Detail- Low

Draw Distance- Low

(Provided by simoncambell)



Q: I have a question and/or need help with:

Girlfriends, Schools, Supply Lines, Clothes, Gang Territory, Car Mods, Burglaries, All Gold @ Schools, Stunting, Vehicles, Weapons.

A: Use the LINKS near the top of the Forum page under "Guides and Walkthroughs:"




Q: I need a Video to see how the Mission is done.

A: Check the Links above or this website:






Q: I want someone to come to my house and do the Mission for me

A: 1. Send PM to your favorite Helper.

2. Send Plane Ticket to the Helper.

3. Send all your money to the Helper.

4. Don't tell Dad.




Q: I still have a question and it's not listed here, where do I ask it?

A: Create a topic and ask away.

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I don't know what some of are you reading, but it sure ain't the rules topic

I've had about 5 PM'ed request in the last week, and it's stated very clearly in the rules topic...


DO NOT email or PM me or anyone else with mission request. Make a topic to make your request. That is one of the reasons this forum is here for.

I've been polite so far, but are starting to push how polite I can continue to be.

Edited by wolf68k
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Some new rules


For helpers

1. You must call the mission before you do it. Just a simple "I'm on it" will do. If another helper steps in and makes the call while you were doing it and you post your results before the caller does; that's too bad the caller get the credit for the request in the stats.

2. You must wait 1 (one) hour after you have made your results post/edit.

3. If after 3 hours of you call to do a request and you have not posted your results, then another helper may step in and do the mission. If you happen to get your results in before the other helper does then you will still get credit...other wise you will not. And remember the edits are date and time stamped just like the post itself, only they reflex the last edit.

4. Not so much a rule but more of a request: When you see a SNP request in a topic that doesn't have the SNP tag, just give a simple reminder to the person to use the SNP tag next time and what it's for.

5. DO NOT use cheats of any kind for any reason. All of the missions can be done without cheats. Unless the requester allows you to do so, but even then there shouldn't be a need for it.

6. DO NOT alter the requester's CJ. This means; no changes to clothes, hair, tattoos, or even using the stored cars. There are plenty of cars in the game that you don't need to use one of theirs. Also do not add cars to the garage, unless requested.

7. DO NOT pre-Edit your post. Pre-Edit means, after you've downloaded the requested file and made your reply for your "I'm on it" you then click the edit button so that when you come back all you have to do is just enter in the results. Why sholdn't you do this? Because on some rare occasions myself or another led-by might make an edit to your post while you're work on filling the request and by pre-editting your post you don't see and end up over writing whatever was there to give you that heads up of something.



For requesters / users looking for help with SNP

1. Please wait atleast 12 hours before you bump your topic. Remember these helpers are here doing work out of the kindness of their hearts, no one has to do your missions for you. You might be in a rush, but it's just a game not life or death.


Not a rule but a reminder, make sure your topic has the [sNP] tag in it and preferrably at the start of the topic and not the end of middle. I'm very tempted to start having topics with no SNP tag locked before they can even be filled, and there for telling the helpers to not even do the request if it doesn't have the tag. There should be no reason not to have this tag in the title. There are 3 ways to learn about this; 1. looking at other topics done the correct way, 2. reading the rules topic that you're reading now, 3. and of course reading the top of every page in Mission Help.

Edited by Wolf68k
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Helper's Reminders



Helpers Read This ............ What do if you end up doing a 100% save game for a SNP request
ATTN: HELPERS ............... How to post results if doing a class(es) for a school are requested
ATTEN: HELPERS Part2 .... A reminder about correct spelling of the requester's name and mission names
ATTEN: Helpers Part? ...... Sets some new official rules. Naming waiting between doing missions
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Useful Links



Title Creator Description
Easy Script Switcher rubregg Switching between various main.scm and script.img files quickly and easily
Save game version converter

topic download

pdescobar After doing a v2 mission while running v1 game, switch the save game back to v2
Script for v2 (mirror#1, mirror#2) Rockstar Games If you have v1 but would like to help others with v2 save game, then you'll need this
SAMA (San Andreas Mission Analyzer)

topic download


aka gtasa4ever

Used to check your save game file for mission things that may be keeping you from getting 100%
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In an attempt to make this "Mission Help" (Save N' Play) Forum run smoother and satisfy the needs of both Requesters & Helper's, I have started a Trial Period for 7 days initally, where:




Only 1 Mission per Helper per request




You can still request as many Mission's as you like, in one Topic or several, but they will be completed by different Helper's ... if you have any questions or useful comments about the new system please feel free to post in THIS TOPIC.

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Since there seems to be so many people having trouble with crashing games because of versions, I'm making a new rule. In the topic title (when you create it to get a request done) add [v1] or [v2] after the mission name. It will look something like this:

[snP] Farewell, My Love... [v1]

That way we can hopefully get requests done faster and stop frustrating helpers. I'll try to modify topic names when I catch them, otherwise feel free to point members who forget to add the last part to the title to this post, or simply pm them. The header of the section should be updated soon as well (I put in a request). Thanks guys smile.gif

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So pretty much things seem to have slowed down around here lately. So I'm going to throw in a little trial of this. No more "1 hour wait between missions" rule. That doesn't mean go f*cking nutty. If you've done a sh*tton of requests and you see other people trying to help, give em a chance. If this doesn't work out...well I'll come up with something. Throw me a PM with any suggestions you guys have. Enjoy! smile.gif

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