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[TUT]Creating Brushes


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.::Basic Summary::.
This tutorial will show you how to make brushes. Making brushes is actually very simple,

you just have to know where to go and have some patience to get the brush you want.

This tutorial is written for Photoshop 7.0 so there maybe some minor/major changes to other versions layout.



.::Brush Making::.

· Photoshop.

· Patience.

· Brain.

· Brush Knowledge.


.::Creating the brush::.

First of all, You must open a new document. Choose a background colour and a brush colour to draw with your newly

created brush.

Then, in the top right-hand corner, click, Brushes, which is a tab next to another tab called, File Browser

user posted image

and a new window,

popup should upen with the Brush Presets.

user posted image

Next, click on the brush you wish to edit and and choose any one of the options which it allows you. Each option has a different

control over the brush so you just have to find out what you want,

Example: When i click Shape Dynamics, under Brush Tip Shape, and move the Size Jitter arrow up or down the bar, the boldness

of the brush increases and decreases.

In Scattering, moving the Scatter bar up and down increases and decreases the width of the whole brush as how far out it is


Secondly, When you are done in choosing all your options from the list, give it a try on the blank canvas in front of you.

If you dont like anything simply click the Brushes tab again and it brings you back to the popup box to change it.

Do this as many times as you like until you are happy with it, after all, it is your brush!

Thirdly, save it!

In the Menu bar, where you can choose to increase or decrease the size of your brush and change it, click the arrow pointing

Right. Go down until you find the option: Save Brushes.

user posted image

Once clicked, you can name your brush and it is now stored in

Photoshop for you to use whenever you need it.



Written by Krusty.


Helped by Simoncampbell


Edited by Krusty.


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Making Brushes for the Advanced Users.

This shouldn't be that hard once you know where to go, but the more advanced users will catch onto this quite easily.

Preset Brushes are the target of this topic. Let's get into it.



· Photoshop

· Pen Tool Knowledge

· Brain

· Patience



First up, Open a blank canvas with a transparent background (maybe sizes about 400x400). Next click the brush tool, set the brush size to 3px. Now go to the pen tool and make a random path, then right-click the path and a menu shall pop up.

user posted image


Click stroke path, another window will pop up saying 'Tool:' make sure this is set to brush (you can also click simulate pressure for some interesting effects).

Rinse and repeat by stroking in different places. Once you have a desired brush tip, click Edit>Define Brush Preset. Save the brush tip and poof! you have created your own brush.

Save your brush via the brush panel (see pic below)

user posted image


You can now carry on with the other part of the tutorial with your new brush tips.


Written by Simoncampbell.


Edited by Krusty


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Well, i couldnt have done it without your help aswell. So it was a joint effort, eh?


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