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Private Spawns for V&LC:MP?


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I am interested in creating a spawn for my gangserver that is reserved for my gang members only


I guess the spawn would look for a file in thier game folder or have a password. Spawning as this character would add a gangtag to the person's name. My intention is to have my gang team with my gang only in the teambased servers. This feature would prevent other people from "joining" my gang spawn.


When one of my gangmember spawned as something else they would natrually team with whoever spawned with him and his tag would be gone (since the private spawn added the tag instead of the player joining with the tag)


I have no idea if this is even possible so I'd thought I'd ask




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Depends who you are I guess


For me it prevents other ppl from having the same color blip as my gang.


It may be not worth the effort if it's difficult to do but I thought Id ask


btw... I have had much weirded ideas



In reply to the next post.


I have a large gang already. We will run several servers. Other gangs I know of could also use this feature as well.

Edited by KungFuGrip
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If you want a gang act like you own the OGs.(as for me i make up a lot of event ideas which are actually fun...)

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In short its like a way to get your favorite spawn without others out of the gang spawning with you isn't it? This is a good idea, and I also find it funny lol.

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it would probably deter ppl from playing there if all KFC members had a super-spawn that only they could use. good idea tho

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Super spawn?


Someone in the clan (if not all) pays for the server, so i think its only right for them to have some kind of privileges like a seperate spawn. It would also remind ppl which server there in.

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Exactly, it would only be on their own clan server, not any others, so its up to the owner of the server what the want to do.. and if it deters people, then its the server admins fault smile.gif


I would like the idea, now to find a clan... colgate.gif

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