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Martini Racing

The Motorcycle Topic

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Nice. I like dirt bikes but my wife is not so tall she already has a hard time getting on top of my motorcycle so I cant have one. But I really wanted a XLX 350 or a NX 400 to go crazy with.


I did some modifications on my motorcycle I will edit this post later

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Earlier this year I was thinking about upgrading from my Aprilia Classic to some slightly bigger cruiser bike,and I think I finally decided what my next bike is gonna be,a Kawasaki Vulcan 500 (known as EN500 here in Europe) http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/kawasaki/kawasaki_vn_500_vulcan_ltd 07.htm

It is bigger than what I originally planned,but I think it's perfect for me.I like the looks of 2000-2009 version,it's fairly cheap,and it's powerful enough to do some road trips but small and lightweight enough for commuting (and hopefully not too powerful for someone like me,who's used to beginner bikes).If I start saving up money this year,hopefully I'll have enough to buy a used one in good condition by spring 2020.

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Posted (edited)

Very nice.  For real.


I went from a 250 Honda to a Kawasaki LTD 400 something when I first went up in size. 

That is a good sign that you will continue to ride... and a good sign that you are a biker and not a weekend warrior.  Keep it up.


This has been a horrible season so far.  Too hot or too rainy to do any riding.  Waiting for fall/autumn at this point.


Like my LTD.


Edited by trip

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