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Major glitch

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When I start up the mission Guardian Angels everything in VC disappears and then reappears. And I can't get into the multi-story car park thing because theres a building in front of it. The street dividers disappear and then I crash into them because all the objects are gone. When I fail the mission or kill myself the game goes back to normal.


Please help,




Weird Glitch 1

Weird Glitch 2

Edited by chauncey3

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"I modded my game and now it doesn't work properly."


"Learn to mod your game better."


Surprise surprise. I had a feeling that's what it was BEFORE seeing the pics (which in this case would've more than sufficed as JPGs, eh?). ANY time you crack open the IMG, you risk doing this. You can start by rebuilding the archive as you're supposed to any time you crack it open. In the meantime, don't waste the time of people who might genuinely be trying to help VC'ers to get their game working by posting this as if it's the released game.


And before you start your usual "Dem's following me cryani.gif" schtick, I would say the same to anybody. Next time, use the mod troubleshooting forum for your modding woes. If the above advice doesn't fix your issue, then you're better off there anyways.

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First I didn't know this was a modding problem and second how am I posting this like its the released game.



P.S 32 posts per day, what do you live on your computer?

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Don't worry about my sh*t. This is the VC forum, not the Demarest forum. Keep it on topic. And for the record, that's with a 6 month ban. it WAS 45 per day since you seem to want to use that as a way to feel better about yourself.


The fact that this is the VC forum is how you posted as if it were the released game.


Didn't know it was modding? Game works fine, mod, game doesn't work fine isn't rocket science. You don't even have to have 1 PPD to get that lol.gif

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