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GTA Liberty City Stories Unplugged


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Just got the newest magazine today the following is the latest article on GTA LCS.


The GTA revolution is going portable


We have to be honest when we first heard that GTA was coming to our favourite portable system, we were skeptical. First, we thought it would be a top-down game, similar to the original GTA on PSone. Then we thought it would look like GTA 3, but wouldnt have the open city, like the PSP version of spiderman 2.


After all , GTA's open city would be impossible on the PSP...right?


How wrong we were. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is exactly what you'd expect from a GTA game, only portable.


Guns? Check. Carjacking? Check. A fully realized 3D world in which you are free to do pretty much anything you want, including meeting with shady characters who send you on missions of questionable legality? Check, check and check. Yep, this is GTA all right.


So what's it all about? Well, it's not a port of GTA3, if that's what your're thinking.


Yes , as the title explicity suggests, it takes place in liberty city, the landscape made famous in GTA 3. But there's a new star this time around: or rather an old one.


Let's take the Wayback machine to when you played GTA 3. Do you remember a guy named Tony Cipriani who handed out missions at his mom's resturant? He was the guy who hated the Triad and sent you on missions to deal with them. Let's just say you were'nt very popular with the Triad by the time you completed all of his tasks. Ever wonder what his deal was? Well, now you'll be able to find out, because Toni Cipriani is the main character of Liberty City Stories.


Taking place three years before the events of GTA3, that's about 1998 or so, for those who dont want to do the math- Liberty City Stories follows Toni Cipriani as he moves up in the criminal world. While it may not seem like it, three years is alot of time, and there are bound to be some changes. For example, three years before Sex Club 7 became the place where Luigi(Joe Pantoliano) gave work to the mute GTA 3 protagonist, the strip club was called Paulie's Revue Bar.


One of the two missions we saw actually starts out at the club: Toni is given the task of protecting one of the mob's properties from the incoming triads, so he jacks a cab and chases them down, but it quickly becomes an all out war. It's the Triad versus Toni, and neither side cares who gets caught in the crossfire. The Triad try sending out a Patriot(aka Humvee) , but Toni quickly deals with them by ramming the Patriot into some traffic. It's Like shooting firs in a highly explosive barrel. Then a large truck packed with explosives drives up, leaving Toni with barely enough time to jack it, drive it a safe distance away from the club, and run to safety outside of the blast radius. This is definitely the GTA we all know and love.


In case you're still not convinced, here's another example: this mission has mob boss Salvatore Leone- who has made appearances in GTA 3, and more recently in GTA: San Andreas--- telling you to fetch some money for him at the docks. A simple endeavour, but one that suddenly gets more complicated once the Triad rears its head. The blow the building up , and now you have to run into the inferno, nab all the cash, and kill any Triad you see.


Fortunately , running and gunning is actually a bit better and a bit easier this time around --- Rockstar's taken the already improved targeting system from San Andreas and polished it a bit, so the target lock system should be much more better than before. Of course there are other elements fromt he previous games that show up here as well; unlike the Liberty City of 2001, this liberty city is filled with motocycles that are just waiting to be jacked. Also, it looks like Toni will be able to keep up with the latest fashions, though we dont know if the wardrobe customization will be as in depth as in San Andreas or more simple like in Vice City.


There is also no word on whether there are any airplanes in the game, but i doesnt look likely right now. You could even fly ( kind of) in GTA3, so we certainly hope there's some kind of air travel, but we understand if Toni's stuck on the ground ----- after all this is GTA on PSP, and that is in itself impressive enough. The soundtrack hasn't been nailed down yet but you can be assured that it will appropriately reflect the time period, just ast the soundtracks in the previous GTA's did.


We certainly hope the game supports custon soundtracks ( via memory stick) as well, but Rockstar is tight lipped about this. And Michael Madsen better reprise his role, because it just wouldn't be Toni Cipriani without him.


What we do know is that Toni, like the GTA 3 guy and Tommy Vercetti before him, will drown if he falls into a large body of water, leaving CJ as the only GTA character who took swimming lessons. Just stay away from the ocean and you should be fine. But dont try to run inside of a building just because of your aquaphobia --- there are no interior environment, just like in GTA 3


Despite these concessions, this is still a proper GTA on PSP we're talking about here, and that's remarkable in and of itself. It looks about as good as its console brethern , perhaprs even better thanks to the gorgeous PSP screen and it has all the elements that make the GTA series so great. Without a doubt, GTA Liberty City Stories is the reason to get a PSP, its the killer app that we've all been waiting for. Just as GTA 3 redefined gaming four years ago, GTA Liberty City Stories is set to indelibly redefine portable game as we know it.......... and we just cant wait.



The following are quotes from the screenshots in the magazine.


The cars look highly realistic as showcased by the dirt stains on the side.


To sweeten the deal even more, GTA Liberty City Stories will support downloadable content. More vehicles and/or weapons , more outfits, more songs more missions!!! Cool!



There is a wide variety of vehicles and weapons already but dont be surprised to find even more!


Multiplayer Mayhem?


Rockstar was tight lipped when we asked about the possibility of Wi-Fi multiplayer in GTA libery City Stories, but we hope they're at least considering it. We enjoyed the cooperative missions in San Andreas well enough, but think how cool it would be to have deathmatches on the streets of liberty city, or even complete story missions with some assistance from you buddies!!!!




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Very nice.Can't wait to get down and dirty on the PSP.Scans please.If you can.







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I've heard most of that before, but downloadable content...does that mean maybe a few...mods?!? Also, a 90% chance of no multiplayer, but if there nwas, it would kick ass. And don't fret at no interior enviroments news, there will be some, but less advanced, no loading needed gta3 style ones, like Joey's garage and Salvatore's mansion. Finally, R* confirmed some of the question in that article. Rockstar said wardobe would be SA style, but no helis or planes, which does raise a question. If you read the whole mission 2 description, at the end that jack a heli too escape those damnded triads, but stash it at Salvatore's mansion. Why would Rockstar say short cutscenes and no helis if they have to fly in a heli in all the way to Salvatore's?


Finally, the balls of GTA, the soundtrack. I know Double Cleff and Chatterbox won't be there, they were brought there in 2001 by Love Media, unless R* just loves contradicing themselves, but Head Radio has been there for over 60 years, so it will probably appear, as well as Flashback with Toni and all other non-Love stations. Maybe to replace Double-Cleff? Orbit FM and Chatterbox with Lazlow will now be the Zone, and maybe Liberty Soul FM will be added too. All three were advertised in GTA3 but never actual stations.

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I wanted interiors... damn!


Oh well, I have the PSP and I'd love to play as Toni so I'll get the game anyway. tounge.gif


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Most of the info in the article was known months ago, but downloadable content?! biggrin.gif

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The scans would be cool to see, but the information is pretty nice - especially the downloadable information that was revealed.
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downloadable content sounds good, but I just cant accept the fact that there is no aircraft vehicles and no swimming its so sad cryani.gif

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wha da da- Downloadable content? Now I'm getting it for sure




sign-clinton.gifsign-thompson.gifsign-yee.gif- i have no clue where im at

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i hope more official pics/news starts rolling in more often around here!


DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT!!!! Hopefully that means we'll easily be able to put things in ourselves

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Pierce Brosnan
downloadable content sounds good, but I just cant accept the fact that there is no aircraft vehicles and no swimming its so sad cryani.gif

I asssume the reason why that is that they may be using the GTA3 engine for this game.

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The main character, Toni Cipriani is involved with the Leone family Mafia which is lead by Salvatore Leone.

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great just great hav a cookie for dat cookie.gif


downloaded content wooo hoo how will it wrk tho will they suply is with som kind of mission loading sytem or somet like that?

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here are the pics ............. biggrin.gif


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image

No new pics, but good find about the info.

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if there is downloadable content doesn't that mean we'll be able to mod our own things into the game??

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da gta master

On the second page where Tonis on the bike hes wearing Claudes clothes... !

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does ne body no if they released a definate due date? because i have seen the first of september and the 1 of october. sign-clinton.gifsign-thompson.gifsign-yee.gifdevil.gif

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It depends.


Downloadable content may mean, new vehicle downloads or new costumes for Tony. I doubt it will go as far as the mods you can get for the PC versions.

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