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solution for N.O.E



I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but I see that much people have problems with N.O.E. I hate the level to. But I found the easiest way to do it. When you take of with your plain, you have to turn 160° so you fly to the east. Fly to the sea, there you can stay low so you don't get spotted, fly over the ocean, and always stay on the ocean, turn until you see the corona, stay as long as possible over the ocean, then gain height, en fly trough the corona, then directly turn to the left, and fly over teh ocean again, fly back.


I think this is the easyest way, if you try other possibility's, you fly in trees or you are flying to heigh


good luck

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3 answers to this question

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Thats the way that i do it.


Although there is another popular way in which you turn west and go down into that body of water there you then ride that out under the sf bridge and then the route you said to the corona. They then reverse the way there to get back.

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I agree with staying over the ocean as long as possible just touching the nose down to keep under the radar. Flying smooth and level without exaggerated movements will get the best speed in the mission.


My approach to this mission is to full power all the way, from take off. After wheels up I tap right to head up the valley straight ahead and slightly to the right.


Skim thru the valley to the town of Valle Ocultado, dipping down to cross just above the bridge, scream over Barbra's police station starting a gentle bank left, nosing down thru this valley in Tierra Robada I cross the coast just south of the beach and drop to as low as I can safely over the ocean and head under the Gant bridge.


I use mainly hard rudders with little banking for turning as I do a sweeping turn after the Gant bridge to head down the western coast of San Fierro all the way to west of Mount Chilliad. Rounding Mount Chilliad slightly banking you should be able to see the Corrona between 2 clumps of trees, skim thru the gap setingup to go thru the corona (at an angle to it is fine) the 'Packages' drop automatically.


I then aim at a gap in the trees ahead and slightly to the right taking you back over the coast to the ocean. Then you hard bank to head north back the way you came over the ocean and Tierra Robada.


Going back the same way will also set you up for a nice line up on the airfield at the end of the mission.

Edited by Rob1165

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I flew extremly low over san fierro to get there ^^

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