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Just an idea...


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Yo all, im here just to post an idea for the multiplayer


I was just thinking, imagine you had a multiplayer mod where you choose your head for your player, or even import your own just by a picture and choose your body type, fat, heavy, strong, weak, skinny and choose your skin colour an all, that would be one kool idea, but for for this to work (one of my other ideas) is to make it so that there is only one server, when a new person connect to that ONE server, they are automatically assigned a house for them to live in so if they want to quit the game, and join on again, they will respawn at their house.. burlglaries can also occur while the player is away and such.. kind of life a living mod, create a job in game, recruit people, start gang wars, pinpoint locations for your race checkpoints and you can choose who you want to compete in your race max 6 people..


If you can see what i mean, i think it wold be a great idea to have this sort of thing, even have jobs in the game, work behind the bar in Burger Shot, become a leader of a gang and take over a building to create your headquarters, you goto the shops and buy furniture and place them anywhere you want in your headquarters, use animations like sit down on chairs, read a book, have a computer to chat to someone from another city from your location, also like have a job where you build houses for more people to live in otherwise the more people who join will, they can become homeless and die from that server and would have to re-log into the server as a new person..


If you dont like this idea, i dont mind you know, im just one of those guys who luvs to give "ideas", well have fun! smile.gif

Edited by Woodpeckersam
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You have to realise that we don't have the source code to GTA:SA, nor any kind of SDK. Even the smallest of tasks take a while to do. With what you've suggested, it'd be easier to make a whole new game than to try and add that functionality to GTA:SA.


In short, your idea is entirely unfeasible.

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Also, you'd need a hell of a server to support all those players.

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