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The 2 'Missing' Missions From SA


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Whilst delving about through the game files, I uncovered evidence of two missions that were taken out of SA.


- After you complete the 'High Stakes Low Rider' mission, there was another mission at Cesars. CJ visits Cesar at his house to find Cesar watching a ball game on TV. CJ and Cesar talk about girlfriends and Cesar asks to see CJ's wheels. They go outside and see that CJ's car has gone and Cesar says its probably been towed. He then explains how cars get impounded near Pershing Square and you then go on a mission to steal your car back from the police impound. You have to get the car back to Cesars place without destroying it, taking a detour to the nearby Pay N Spray. At Cesars, he modifies the car for you.


- Another CRASH mision, looked like a sub-mission from the one where you start to take over gang territory. As well as flushing out the grass, you have to make sure Carver doesnt arrest Poncho in East Los Santos where some weed is being bagged as evidence - you have to get over there and freeze the bust, nail Carver and prevent Poncho from being busted.


Has anyone found anything more on these? I do know the relevant cutscene data has been removed from the game, but I'd be interested in anyone wanting to collaborate on reproducing the missions in the game?

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I don't remember those missions being in the game. I do know that VC was programmed to exclude 2 missions if you were playing the German version. Maybe something similar?
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May I have the mission number please? (if the missions appear in main.scm)

Thats my point, theyre not in main.scm confused.gif


I took a look through the unencrypted section of the exe with a hex editor and found the lookup table containing all the cutscene names/filenames. I then looked in cuts.img and found that two cutscenes were missing from it - 'CESAR2A' and 'CRASH2A' (for the record, 'PROLOG2' is missing too but I think thats the special cutscene movie they used on the soundtrack CDs if you bought them).


So I went right through main.scm and sure enough, those are the only cutscenes that are never loaded or used by the game, so I gave up on it as the scenes were not in the game files.


Then by chance, when I was editing the GXT file, I found tables for 'CESAR2' and 'CRASH2' so I took a look at those and voila - the subtitles and in-mission texts are all still in there. If you can make sense of the order, you can figure out exactly what happened in the cutscenes and how the missions worked just by reading the text.


So what Im saying is that I'd eventually like to make 2 new missions that replicate those missing ones and stick them in the game colgate.gif Anyone up for helping?

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ic. I think it's a feasible idea, but there are some questions to be answered.


What is the ...

1. condition to start the mission?

2. conditions of passing and failing the mission?

3. level of difficulty?


How will the mission be embedded into the original storyline?

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In American.gxt, there are a few missions not labeled: RIOT3, CESAR2, DSERT12, and another one, CASINO7 (don't know about this one, never saw this on the PS2 version). Those were found with a GXT text editor. Were those missions ever used in-game? I never recall playing either one of these.
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Well if I were to guess at what the CASINO7 mission is it is probably the Liberty City mission when the Leone person comes on a Sanchez and you get a lift on the Sanchez and start blasting the Forelli's cars or something like that it was said that it was in progress and was suppose to be created but never happened so the mission must of been left in the american.gxt file and not to be used and the Liberty City parts are not all solid because those parts were suppose to be used in that one mission.

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Conrad Koppitz
So what Im saying is that I'd eventually like to make 2 new missions that replicate those missing ones and stick them in the game colgate.gif Anyone up for helping?

Im afraid that if you want to just add the missions to the main.scm, you will have problems with the script size limit. You will have to cut some other missions in order to fit in two new missions into the main.scm...

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The size limit is for the main part of the script, which is almost full. Adding another mission should be no problem.

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Yes. Very Cool find. Roaming the game files = finding awesomeness stuff.

Can't exactly say the same for the Hot Coffee mod. confused.gif

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GTASan Andreas CJ Rules

well that roit mission was unused. as for the dersrt12 or wotever. reading that it sounds like the lost "The Truth Is Out There" mission were u drove the fbi truck. maby u took it to ur airstrip and u got to keep it. well as for the roit 3 or wotever im lookin in main now for it. if i find it im gonna try and put it back in


just change marker location


EDIT: well looky here. roit3 doesnt even show up in main.scm


i was really lookin forward to havin this in my mod man.

Edited by GTASan Andreas CJ Rules
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Im almost there with adding the missing Cesar mission. No cutscene (obviously, as its not in the game files) but its as near as dammit.


I changed things round so that if you lose the 'Hi Stakes Low Rider' race, you get a taunting phone call from Kendl. If you win, you get a call from Cesar instead inviting you to his house for a beer and to get your car tuned up - whenyou go, you start the mission where you have to steal your car back from the impound smile.gif


@GTASan Andreas CJ Rules - u have any more info on that mission? Where'd you hear about it? I cant find anything relating to that one.

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