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Save Files - All Storyline Missions


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I've backed up the save files for every storyline mission in the game. A few have more than one mission saved, but mainly it's one new mission per save. No cheats, no trainers.


These are saves for the PC version. To use these save files, you simply unzip them and put them in your San Andreas user folder. By default, that will be My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\


Attn: At this moment, only V2 files over here are working. Please bear with us as we work things out.



Scroll down for save files for the SECOND EDITION.


All save files (First Edition):



Save File 1: Big Smoke, Ryder, Tagging Up Turf, Cleaning up the Hood, Drive-Thru, 100 tags sprayed (based on this save file: http://www.mikehealan.com/2005/06/10/52 )

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile1.zip


Save File 2: Nine and Ak's

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile2.zip


Save File 3: Drive-by

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile3.zip


Save File 4: Sweet's Girl

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile4.zip


Save File 5: Cesar Vialpando + High Stakes, Low Rider

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile5.zip


Save File 6: Home Invasion

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile6.zip


Save File 7: Burglary Missions (Los Santos)

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile7.zip


Save File 8: Catalyst

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile8.zip


Save File 9: Robbing Uncle Sam

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile9.zip


Save File 10: OG Loc

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile10.zip


Save File 11: Running Dog

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile11.zip


Save File 12: Wrong Side of the Tracks

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile12.zip


Save File 13: Just Business

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile13.zip


Save File 14: Life's A Beach

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile14.zip


Save File 15: Madd Dogg's Rhymes

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile15.zip


Save File 16: Management Issues

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile16.zip


Save File 17: House Party + Bulletproof/Fireproof Tahoma parked in Ganton garage

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile17.zip


Save File 18: Burning Desire

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile18.zip


Save File 19: Gray Imports

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile19.zip


Save File 20: Doberman

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile20.zip


Save File 21: Los Sepulcros

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile21.zip


Save File 22: Reuniting the Families + All 50 snapshots + All 50 oysters + 47 Horshoes (based on this save file: http://www.mikehealan.com/2005/07/20/57 )

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile22.zip


Save File 23: The Green Sabre + Level 12 Ambulance (Flint County + San Fierro unlocked)

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile23.zip


Save File 24: Badlands

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile24.zip


Save File 25: First Date/Tanker Commander + Indestructible Sabre parked in Dillimore garage

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile25.zip


Save File 26: Body Harvest + King in Exile

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile26.zip


Save File 27: First Base/Local Liquor Store

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile27.zip


Save File 28: Gone Courting/Against All Odds

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile28.zip


Save File 29: Made in Heaven/Small Town Bank

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile29.zip


Save File 30: Wu Zi Mu + Farewell, My Love

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile30.zip


Save File 31: Are You Going to San Fierro?

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile31.zip


Save File 32: Air Raid

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile32.zip


Save File 33: Supply Lines

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile33.zip


Save File 34: New Model Army

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile34.zip


Save File 35: 555 We Tip

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile35.zip


Save File 36: Deconstruction + Driving School Available

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile36.zip


Save File 37: Back To School (Driving School)

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile37.zip


Save File 38: Photo Opportunity

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile38.zip


Save File 39: Jizzy

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile39.zip


Save File 40: T-Bone Mendez

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile40.zip


Save File 41: Mike Toreno

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile41.zip


Save File 42: Outrider

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile42.zip


Save File 43: Snail Trail

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile43.zip


Save File 44: Ice Cold Killa

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile44.zip


Save File 45: Pier 69

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile45.zip


Save File 46: Toreno's Last Flight

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile46.zip


Save File 47: Mountain Cloud Boys

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile47.zip


Save File 48: Ran Fa Li

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile48.zip


Save File 49: Lure

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile49.zip


Save File 50: Amphibious Assault

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile50.zip


Save File 51: The Da Nang Thang

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile51.zip


Save File 52: Yay Kaboom Boom (Tierra Robada + Bone County + Las Venturas + Wang Autos unlocked)

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile52.zip


Save File 53: Zeroing In

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile53.zip


Save File 54: Test Drive

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile54.zip


Save File 55: Customs Fast Track

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile55.zip


Save File 56: Puncture Wounds

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile56.zip


Save File 57: Monster

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile57.zip


Save File 58: Highjack

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile58.zip


Save File 59: Interdiction

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile59.zip


Save File 60: Verdant Meadows + Flight School (Pilot's license acquired)

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile60.zip


Save File 61: N.O.E.

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile61.zip


Save File 62: Stowaway

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile62.zip


Save File 63: Black Project

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile63.zip


Save File 64: Green Goo + Last 3 Horseshoes collected

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile64.zip


Save File 65: Fender Ketchup

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile65.zip


Save File 66: Explosive Situation + Vigilante Mission + Hunter parked in airstrip hangar.

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile66.zip


Save File 67: You've Had Your Chips

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile67.zip


Save File 68: Don Peyote

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile68.zip


Save File 69: Intensive Care

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile69.zip


Save File 70: The Meat Business

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile70.zip


Save File 71: Madd Dogg

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile71.zip


Save File 72: Misappropriation

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile72.zip


Save File 73: Freefall

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile73.zip


Save File 74: High Noon

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile74.zip


Save File 75: St Mark's Bistro

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile75.zip


Save File 76: Architectural Espioniage

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile76.zip


Save File 77: Key to Her Heart

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile77.zip


Save File 78: Dam and Blast + Keycard Acquired

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile78.zip


Save File 79: Cop Wheels

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile79.zip


Save File 80: Up, Up and Away

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile80.zip


Save File 81: Breaking the Bank at Caligula's

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile81.zip


Save File 82: Home in the Hills

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile82.zip


Save File 83: Vertical Bird

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile83.zip


Save File 84: Homecoming

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile84.zip


Save File 85: Beat Down On B Dup

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile85.zip


Save File 86: Grove 4 Life

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile86.zip


Save File 87: Cutthroat Business

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile87.zip


Save File 88: Riot

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile88.zip


Save File 89: Los Desperados + Bulletproof SWAT tank parked in El Corona garage

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile89.zip


Save File 90: End of the Line

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/mission_saves/savefile90.zip




The version 2 save files seem to not work on most people's games. Sometimes they do, usually they don't. Sorry. Blame Rockstar.


Big Smoke + Ryder + Tagging Up Turf + 100 tags sprayed + Firefighter Level 12

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/1.zip


Cleaning The Hood

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/2.zip



File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/3.zip


Nines N AK's

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/4.zip



File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/5.zip


Sweet's Girl

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/6.zip


Cesar Vialpando

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/7.zip


High Stakes, Low Rider

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/8.zip


Home Invasion + Burgalar Mission complete (Los Santos)

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/9.zip



File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/10.zip


Robbing Uncle Sam

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/11.zip


OG Loc

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/12.zip


Life's A Beach

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/13.zip


Madd Dogg's Rhymes

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/14.zip


Management Issues

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/15.zip


House Party

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/16.zip


Burning Desire

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/17.zip


Gray Imports

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/18.zip


Running Dog

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/19.zip


Robbing Uncle Sam

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/20.zip


Just Business

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/21.zip



File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/22.zip


Los Sepulcros + 50 Snapshots + 50 Oysters + 50 Horseshoes

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/23.zip


Reuniting The Families

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/24.zip


The Green Sabre

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/25.zip


Badlands + Paramedic Level 12 + Indestructible Sabre in Dillimore

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/26.zip


First Date + Tanker Commander

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/27.zip


Body Harvest + King In Exile

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/28.zip


First Base + Local Liquor Store

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/29.zip


Gone Courting + Against All Odds

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/30.zip


Made In Heaven + Small Town Bank

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/31.zip


Wu Zi Mu + Farewall, My Love

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/32.zip


Are You Going To San Fierro + Wear Flowers In Your Hair

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/33.zip


Air Raid

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/34.zip


Supply Lines

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/35.zip


New Model Army

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/36.zip


555 We Tip

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/37.zip



File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/38.zip


Driving School Complete

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/39.zip


Photo Opportunity

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/40.zip



File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/41.zip


T-Bone Mendez

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/42.zip


Mike Toreno

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/43.zip



File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/44.zip


Snail Trail

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/45.zip


Ice Cold Killa

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/46.zip


Pier 69

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/47.zip


Toreno's Last Flight

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/48.zip


Mountain Cloud Boys

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/49.zip


Ran Fa Li

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/50.zip



File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/51.zip


Ambphibious Assault

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/52.zip


The Da Nang Thang

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/53.zip


Yay Ka-Boom-Boom

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/54.zip


Zeroing In

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/55.zip


Test Drive

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/56.zip


Customs Fast Track

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/57.zip


Puncture Wounds

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/58.zip



File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/59.zip



File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/60.zip


Interdiction + Verdant Meadows

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/61.zip


Flight School Complete

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/62.zip



File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/63.zip



File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/64.zip


Vigilante Level 12

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/65.zip


Black Project

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/66.zip


Green Goo

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/67.zip


Fender Ketchup

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/68.zip


Explosive Situation

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/69.zip


You've Had Your Chips

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/70.zip


Don Peyote

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/71.zip


Intensive Care

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/72.zip



File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/73.zip


The Meat Business

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/74.zip


Fish In A Barrel + Madd Dogg

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/75.zip



File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/76.zip


High Noon

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/77.zip


St. Mark's Bistro

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/78.zip


Architectural Espionage

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/79.zip


Key To Her Heart

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/80.zip


Dam and Blast

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/81.zip


Cop Wheels

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/82.zip


Up, Up and Away

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/83.zip


Breaking the Bank

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/84.zip


Home in the Hills

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/85.zip


Vertical Bird

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/86.zip


Home Coming

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/87.zip


Beat Down On B Dup

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/88.zip


Grove 4 Life

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/89.zip


Cut Throat Business

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/90.zip



File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/91.zip


Los Desperados

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/92.zip


End of the Line

File: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/v2_mission_saves/93.zip

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Are these for Xbox, I dragged it to my Action Replay Xbox (PAL) and it says it is not a valid Xbox save, Whats up with that? Can you tell me what I should do?

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HOLY CRAP !!!! sorry I just couldn't think of anything better smile.gif


WOW man that is one heck of a list absolutely great cool.gif


Kudos and ---> cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif

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  • 2 weeks later...

Excellent work. Would you mind submitting them to GTAGarage.com? smile.giftounge.gif


I'll add a link in the forum header in a moment. Screw it, I'll just pin it for now.


+2 karma also.

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does it make a difference that I'm using the PC-DVD version of the game? cause when I try to load the save games the game crashes after the load screen goes off



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It's got to be something on your end. A lot of people have used these and they work fine. Any mods, trainers, etc?

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the only mod that I am using is the GTASA console anything else that I had been using I deleted before I reinstalled the game, I was using the hot coffee thing at the time



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Thanks for these so much. I am 99% satisfied that you did this for people like me. One thing though...stick with the usual clothing for Carl...the tank and jeans without a watch, sunglasses, hat, chain, etc. If you are making a large-scale video then it gets very tedious taking off clothing of someone's personal tastes.


But thanks smile.gif

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To use these save files, you simply unzip them and put them in your San Andreas user folder. By default, that will be My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\

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No, No, No!

we need the main.scm file, if we don't have main.scm, we cannot use those forever!!!!!! devil.gifdevil.gifdevil.gif

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No, No, No!

we need the main.scm file, if we don't have main.scm, we cannot use those forever!!!!!! devil.gifdevil.gifdevil.gif

confused.gif Try re-installing?


No one will be giving their main.scm file smile.gif

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wow,nice work!

one question:i dld the file,extracted to my documents/GTA san andreas user files overwrote the 3 fles (i dld supply lines,new model army and jizzy) but it dosen`t seem to work!when i start the game,there are no new saved files or so,and the missions still need to be done. is there smt i`m missing? pls explain

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Nice work, I have a question though and thought I'd post here Rather than start a new thread as it relates to Saved Games.


I have a 100% save (or three) but I was wondering if anyone has a 100% Hot coffee Mod only Save (for PC) they would share?


I appreciate that this is a sensitive subject at the moment so if noone wants to share I'll understand.


Hmm, Can I edit a Save game file to work with the Hot Coffee Mod I wonder?




Edit: It would appear that the v2.1 of this mod contains a tool to edit existing save games, which can be accessed from the thread about this mod Here

Edited by Krakkers
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I downloaded save file 9 (robbing uncle sam) and when I load it all that happens is I get a brand new game? Just like a clicked on Start new game. Anyone know why?


I have the GTA:SA re-release if that makes a difference.


Thanks in advance/


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I downloaded save file 9 (robbing uncle sam) and when I load it all that happens is I get a brand new game? Just like a clicked on Start new game. Anyone know why?


I have the GTA:SA re-release if that makes a difference.


Thanks in advance/

Seems to work fine for me. Did you remember to put the save in your save file folder? i don't think there should be a problem with the re-release version. Try some other save and see if that works.

- FiJiAn 4 LiFe
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Yeah, I d/l 3 other saves, still no go. All it does it loads up a brand new game.


Most likely it is because of the version.


Damn, this robbing uncle sam mission is really pissing me off. I've tried it more than a dozen times already.

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Yeah, I d/l 3 other saves, still no go. All it does it loads up a brand new game.


Most likely it is because of the version.


Damn, this robbing uncle sam mission is really pissing me off. I've tried it more than a dozen times already.

Well if you still have your old save, then you can request an SnP. for more details go here.

Hope it helps.

- FiJiAn 4 LiFe
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