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xbox multiplayer for san andreas


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Can anyone please tell me how to get 2 player working for gta san andreas on the xbox.


I have a network kit and 2 xboxs and 2 controllers but i dont know how to get 2 player working cryani.gif



Please help

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You plugin both controllers on one Xbox and you will get special icons through the game. You pick them up. ( I don't know the exact locations). Then 2 player mode is turned on. You get 2 players on one screen. So 2 player mode is not awailable from the start to the finish of the game, but it is some kind of mini-game. Good luck

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Can someone tell me please where i can find these icons.

or can anyone give me a website where the icons a listed please smile.gif

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Theres one outside Denises house, walk into it and press start on the other controller, theres a few others dotted around aswell, search google.
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  • 2 weeks later...

You dont need two xboxes, and you certianly don't need a networking kit... so I hope you didn't buy all that stuff just for two player mode. confused.gif It's really pretty lame, but all you need is two controllers and one XBOX, and you both play on the same screen.


I'll find you some places where 2 player icons can be found. Watch for an edit.


Los Santos:

user posted image


San Fierro:

user posted image


Las Venturas:

user posted image


Just find those points on the map and follow the on-screen instructions. smile.gif









Edited by Yuck Fou
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