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3Ds Max Mapping

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Hey Guys,


I have been reading through and I cannot fin anything that is related to what i want...


I have used Moo Mapper before to map Vice City but that was a long time ago, and I have forgotten everything!


I read that their was a script for 3ds max to import SA files into 3ds max,


I do not understand in anyway how i can get the SA map in it, I know its something to do with a .DFF file, but where is this located in SA?


I am sorry if this has already been mentioned, but i couldn't find anything!


Thank You!

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go get a img tool like img 2.0 or i use spark cuz you can view txds before extracting them once you have that find the gta3.img and open it then u have to find what u wanna edit u could go to www.steve-m.com to get the map veiwer for sa then when thats open u gotta right click the object you wanna edit move the mouse alittle and then it will focuse on the object up at the top it will display the name of the dff and the txd then get the new script by kam (dunno where it is but its in gtaforums) then install that and export the dff u want out of your img tool then import it into max then export it as a dff and i dont know how to get it in the game sry

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Ahhh ok cool, Thank you so MUCH!!!


Now just gotta find out how to Export it and get it in the game!!!



Thank you for the quick reply! sigh.gif

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