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San Andreas Cattle Index


Recommended Posts

wow great job. makes things a lot easier for ppl. my method of lookin at game characters was using spark so i could see textures without extracting them from the img and also using dff viewer to look at characters.

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I haven't checked it out myself, but this is a very useful excursion. Thank you for taking the time to make all future pedwork that much easier colgate.gif


Do you know if this was done for previous GTAs as well?


Oh and lol.gif at cattle.

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may i recomend that you crop the images ..this will save you and everyone alot of extra bandwidth, I'm not a modder for this yet so no real use for me, but I can appreciate the amount of work..great job

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Thanx for the photo list

must have taken you quite some time - greatly appreciated



There is also a Ped Editor by Scream2k4 for 3D viewing of models








check Spinnie's old website. He had a download for all the Ped Images

in GTA3 and also posted the code for creating a slide show of Ped models

for taking screenshots.

I can't log on at the moment there so am not quite sure if it's still

accessible. If it's not I could upload those files & the code for you

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Wow! You people that go through these lengths just to help others out... True GTA'ers! You deserve the kudos.


Thanks D, for furthering his work there. If you happen to have contact with spinnie, you should coax him to put that up on GTAGarage since they only accept author submissions.


We have a set for SA and one for VC, but no GTA3 confused.gif

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checked it and love it... thanks a lot man...


guess that took a while to do... did you spawn the peds or what?


Cool stuff... give the man some stars... cookie.gifcookie.gif

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gta-mods.de, where that tool was stored, has an insultingly large amount of spam/popups - whoever is hosting it should think about the image that presents of their site - are u here to serve us stuff, or take from us?


Awesome mod, I only say the above coz the spam realllly takes away from it.

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  • 4 months later...

Apologies on the major bump; I had originally PMed Hellfish about a month ago but never got a response so I'm now broadening my search by replying in the topic itself. wink.gif I found this thread recently on a search but the URL for the SA image collection linked in the original post (http://hellfish.gtajunkies.com/HellfishSan...CattleIndex.zip) gives me a "host not found" error. I was wondering if anyone knew of an alternative download location for this.


Also, somewhat off-topic, I received some still-working URLs for Spinnie's Vice City collection from Fuzzy Juzzy. Since the rapidshare links for them mentioned in this topic have expired I figured I might as well share those URLs here too: Spinnie's VC ped model images and Spinnie's VC IG actor model images.


EDIT: As of 1 Feb 2006 GTA junkies is back up. The Cattle Index can be downloaded from http://www.gtajunkies.com/page.php?id=566. I finally have a copy now. inlove.gif I didn't bother bumping the thread since I don't know that anyone else in the world cares about this. wink.gif

Edited by pdescobar
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  • 5 months later...

This is what I've been looking for. I feel better now. Nice of you to post this.


I am new at moding. Can I venture a newbie question? Thanks. To replace one ped with another by way of the img tool, it's the normal routine, extract, replace, etc. Thing is to click replace I get the "find the folder" thingy. Without another img file from which to select from I'm lost. How do I do this? I am sick of looking at those three or four hookers round CJ's neighborhood, and that jogger with the blue-gray suit. So, can I remove and replace with only one source file? Can I exchange girlfriends with peds, peds with girlfriends?


I know all of this is elementry to most of you. Sorry.

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