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Killa Sembhi

Eh like most of you I don't mind not being able to swim, didn't really do it that much in SA. But it was a quick get away from cops heh. But I really wish they keep climbing most importantly, I loved that feature.

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Oh yeah the climbing!

When you guys first said climbing. I couldn't think what you meant. I was thinking about mountain climbing or something. I'd forgotten about getting over walls as I've become so used to doing it. It seems unnatual in the earlier games to now have to walk all the way around a wall to get passed it. That's something I'd really miss.


Something else I'd miss would be the map in the pause screen. I thought this was a good addition to Vice and was even better in SA. Although I know Liberty pretty well, I'd still like to be able to access the whole map during the game.


I am annoyed that you can't swim. It might now feel more like an expansion pack to GTAIII rather than a modern game. As a non-psp owner I'm not sure if I'll be getting it if the only difference is the storyline. Hopefully the more subtle gameplay features like targeting will make the difference.

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well in liberty city the water is polluted and there aren't many places to gain accesses back to the land and really the non swimming added a challenge to it and i would like to see climbing

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da gta master

Were bound to see some interiors, there not just gonna put nothing else in are they?


I dont really care about the swimming, GTA3 had no swimming and it turned out to be the best GTA (well in my point of view). And yes the water is polluted which would give more reason to not be able to swim in it.

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