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LCS Preview in August issue of Gameinformer


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Ok well I just noticed that HTML can not be posted over here, so my full article can be found at GTAPortable.com where I have a few screens and the info. Anyway here is the screens > http://gtaportable.com/image.php?img=lcs/s...meinformer1.jpg





and some of the info..



Just when you thought Liberty City Stories news is slow this past few weeks, someone called "Nick" sends me a magazine scan of page 76 of his August issue of Gameinformer. What does it contain you ask?.... A full Liberty City Stories preview, with some new info and a bunch of screenshots. It contained 10 screenshots where 4 of them is new and have never been seen in any of the other magazine previews.


Acording to the article an avarage gamer will spend between 80-100 hours to complete the game. It probably means to get your stats to 100% and not just the main storyline alone. New transportation vehicles in Liberty City include motorcycles, dirt bikes and scooters!


The targeting system is based on an improved version of the San Andreas scheme. "The best we've had so far." says Todd Zuniga from Rockstar.


Given the setting, expect to encounter alot of familiar faces from the GTA universe. "There will be a crossover with all those characters."confirms Zuniga. "We're going to use the full scope of GTA, pulling in things when it makes sense."


Also interesting in the article is that they say new vehicles and weapons are planned for Liberty City Stories.

Edited by AdriaanTGP
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wow.gif and 3 new screenshots on that page. tell someone


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Amazing how hand helds came this far, superb graphics... I can't wait to get this for my bday, along with a PSP...



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is it me or are those 2 links the exact same thing? dontgetit.gif


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Looks great. It's slowly convincing me to buy a PSP when this game comes out...

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Brown Streak RR

Hmm... looks good. I like that new screenshot with the PCJ in it.


I hate it when they keep taunting us with helicopters (like on the magazine page), when we won't be able to fly them, supposedly, like GTAIII. confused.gif

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Murdoc J. Niccals
is it me or are those 2 links the exact same thing? dontgetit.gif

Yes, but Adriaan's is of higher quality.

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