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Whats u favorite NPC (pedestrian)?


Recommended Posts

@thebrazillian - my friends says that is michael jackson LOL


My fav is an LS asian Ped using brown shirt and blue jeans

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Those crooked Drug Dealers that always leave excessive money upon being wasted and those Purple peds.
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user posted image

The Elvis ped in Las Venturas.


user posted image

Yep, Extreme. I too love these crack dealers because of their money.. tounge.gif


user posted image

And these street criminals and the tramps..

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Probably either the black gangsta thug that spawns in LS that wears a blue shirt, the black guy with the orange "12" hoodie that always talks about weed, or the Mexican guy with the blue shirt that always talks about porn.


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  • 2 weeks later...

That neat-looking dude who says these:

"I'm rich, you're not, get lost."

"Don't touch me, i'm educated!"

"Green-brained asshole"

He spawns often at San Fierro and some towns near Los Santos.

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my favorite is the aztecas with a jacket and cap and shades, and the ballas who wears a skully and a purple pro laps sweater

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  • 1 month later...

Here you can tell what is very cool look of san andrease people's


What is your favorite ped of GTA SA?




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If we're talking about looks, then for me, the sexiest peds would be the Hispanic beach girl in red (skin name: HFYBE), the rich girl in the black dress and gold jewelry (skin name: BFYRI), or the British girl with the black shirt (skin name: WFYST).

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  • 2 months later...

I don't want to be too mainstream, so I'll take one of my favourites from the countryside:


user posted image

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user posted image


"weed money same difference"


"Ya playin' whit me? Stop playin"


"Do ya shower in doo-doo?"

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i like the gang member of GSF thats the fat guy with the green sweatshirt and bandana.


he looks so obtuse and stupid, its funny.

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I don't want to be too mainstream, so I'll take one of my favourites from the countryside:


user posted image

oh hot dayum!

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user posted image

I have to choose this one, she or "he" reminds me of one of those awesome costumes from Colonel Hannibal Smith from the A-team

Edited by fnxrak
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  • 3 weeks later...

user posted image


1. "little bitch" (Ganton)

2. "real actress" (rich city, occasionally countryside)

3. "what's up dude" (san fierro)


I don't remember seeing the big man with the golden chain initially on foot. He usually drives strong, but inexpensive cars alone around CJs hood. He seems to be very condifent, and addresses the player as "little bitch" on at least two lines of dialogue. Even the often heard line "raise up" sounds better coming from him. I like him because he's direct and doesn't seem to hide anything.


The girl with the black shirt often talks about adult movies and claims that she is a "real actress". She can be seen all over the place: in the city, in small towns of Red County, and sometimes driving Tractors. I figure she's been abused and drawn into the film industry by evil managers.


The white girl who is quite similar in appearance can be seen in the city of San Fierro and I think also Venturas. She's cool and sometime's asks people on the street "what's up", discusses physical activities, and uses the word "dude".


The "Kurt Kobain" character is alright. I like to see him together with the above girls. But he seems to be English, which is strange.


The "molester" character is the most despicable person in San Andreas. I often practice my gun skills on him. And when I see him driving in a car with a girl, even a Mexican one, and especially walking around town holding hands with one, I usually pull out my silenced pistol for a headshot. Sometimes the girl becomes "confused" and runs away screaming, but other times she doesn't notice the silenced gun, takes the driver's seat and leaves freed. LOL.


I wish the game tracked how many pedestrian people of each kind the player has killed.

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Here are just some of my favorites and my favorite quotes by them:


- The Los Santos prostitute with a red bikini-like shirt and black shorts: "You just made me spill my Sprunk!" (even though no Sprunk can is actually seen); "They need to put some chairs out on the street." and "I need to find out what year it is."

- The woman with a sky-blue shirt, sky-blue pants, sky-blue hat and Mexican accent: "You STINK, sussio!"

- The African-American man with an orange shirt with #12 (already mentioned earlier this page): "Man, you stink!"; "The bomb, man!"; "I got some northern lights straight from Canada." dontgetit.gif; "You spent clothes money on crack, huh?"; "Do you shower in do-do?"; "Stoned with a stone-cold jab!"; "I hate getting stole on!"; "Go smoke some Cheeba."; "I'm gonna get me a Happy Farmer Kit." and "Gonna shoot me over $200, man!"

- The porn fan with a blue-black plaid shirt, mustache and Mexican accent: "Take a shower, ese!" and "I like sexy cartoons."

- And finally, even though he rarely appears in a normal game, the biker drug dealer: "You want dope? I got dope!"

Edited by MattDet
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  • 3 years later...

EDIT << New Topic merged to Existing topic >>

Hey guys!

I think that there're a lot of nice and really intresting peds in SA,but we've never seen all of them.
Do you know a rare ped? Please write down its name or post its photo and also write down that where can we find it :)
Also,which one is your favourite ped?

Edited by lil weasel
Merged topics.
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This farmer dude..............You will only spot him around the rural countrysides of San Andreas. He is a pretty recognisable ped tho.

Im new sorry I don't know how to post photos!

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