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[REL|PHP] Image to text in a jiffy!

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Okay, it's quite useless, but I was bored. It's basically turn any image into text.



<html><head><style type="text/css">code {font-family:courier, monospace;}</style></head><body><code><?php $i=$_GET['url']; //Get the image.$h=$_GET['h']; //Get the height if any ( it's optical of course ).list($x,$y,$z)=getimagesize($i);$h=$h?($h>100?100:$h):50; //In case of no height set it to 50, if it's too high, set it to 100. ( 100 is max )$b=explode(0,str_replace(0,'0imagecreatefrom','0gif0jpeg0png'));$w=($h*$x/$y)*2; //Get the width from the height ( since we are working with characters, the width needs to be multiplied with two to get the real width of it for the output ).$j=imagecreatetruecolor($w,$h); //Create the image.imagecopyresampled($j,$b[$z]($i),0,0,0,0,$w,$h,$x,$y); //Copy the source image into our image.$oldcol = 'nothing'; //Make sure to not add '</span>' on the first one.for ($q=0;$q<=$h;$q++) { for($v=0;$v<=$w;$v++) {  $rgb=imagecolorat($j,$v,$q); //Get the colour at this pixel. $r = ($rgb >> 16) & 0xFF; $g = ($rgb >> 8) & 0xFF;$b = $rgb & 0xFF; //Get each colour. $col = make_hex($r).make_hex($g).make_hex($b); //Get the colour in hex. if ($oldcol == 'nothing') { //Should it be the first time: 	echo '<span style="color:#'.$col.'">'.chr(rand(65,90));  } elseif ($col != $oldcol) { //If the colour is different from last time, it should change. 	echo '</span><span style="color:#'.$col.'">'.chr(rand(65,90)); } else { //If not, then there is no need for extra span tags. 	echo chr(rand(65,90)); } $oldcol = $col; //Give to the old colour check the current colour.} echo "<br />\n"; //Do a break line.} echo '</span>'; //Clean off the span tags.function make_hex($col) //Our function.{$c = dechex($col);if ($col < 16) { //In case of a value lower than 16, we would get a single letter, and it would mess up our colours, so we need a 0 in front. $c = '0'.$c;}return $c; //Return it.}?></code></body></html>



In case you want to try it out, the machine is right here; http://sviip.dk/random/createtext.php


Here are some examples;

#1 - the AfterFuture skin logo.

#2 - The Slashdot logo, with 25 lines.

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Nice work Svip.. I made my signature then turned the font size down really small:


user posted image


Is there a way to automatically make it give you a really small font?


I have absolutely no knowledge of PHP whatsoever though, so I guess I'd better shut up now.. tounge.gif

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I've actually seen things like this before... Very cool, I might try it out but the link doesn't work, the machine link...
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Any way of inputting your own phrase to be used for the generated text?

I am trying to figure out a way to make it generate each character accordingly to the "darkness" of each pixel.


For instance would dark spots be turned into "#" where as light spots would be "."


This means it could also be used for IRC or Text-Based Browsers.


But I think also a system for your own phrase. :\

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