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WMV, Realplayer Video


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I've noticed recently that whenever I go to play a video, the the videos color goes way out of whack. Areas with light are turning red and yellow and figures are being distorted to beyond recognition.


I'd post a picture, but i'm not sure how with a media player. Any help on what this could be and how to get it fixed? Thank you

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I'm having this same problem.

I thought it might be something to do with installing a new gfx card driver while the DivX codec was installed, or just the new driver on it's own.


Anyone know how to fix it?

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Good thing you both left out so many details that can really help. Something as minor as system specs never does any good.



Now that I'm through being a smart-a**, you guys are lucky. I'm going to assume you're both running nVidia GFX cards and you both installed the 77.72 drivers.


There are 3 ways to fix this

1. Start->Control Panel->Display->Settings->Advanced->nVidia Card Tab

Click on Color Correction

Click on the drop menu that currently says Desktop. Set this to All.

Click Ok until you're all of the way out


2. Roll back your drivers to the previous drivers. If that's not an option you can download the previous at nVidia's site in thier archives. The 71.89 drives are safe to use


3. Get the latest beta drivers which are 77.76

These drives are said to fix this problem, but remember because they are beta they might have other major issues


Personally I use the 1st one and so far everything seems ok. I've seen people with other problems besides the color washout that you guys are seeing things like system crashes and having to restart the system after playing some games before being able to play another game, if you experence this then rolling back the drivers or using the beta drivers would be better.

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