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juggling mods

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Just to clarify, this isn't going to be a useful topic and it's not a mod at all. In fact, there's no SCM code at all. This is more of a technique to assist those who use multiple SCMs for whatever reason. I'm only posting on it because I forewent it for the longest time and now that I'm using this, I kick myself for not doing it sooner. Before doing this, take all SCMs you normally use (especially the original) and back them up...


What I've done is just write 3 really simple batch files to swap out the main.scm and then launch GTA3 (or VC or SA). The batch file looks like this


del "data\main.scm"copy "data\MAINtimetwister.scm" "data/main.scm"start gta3.exe


(use the name of the SCM you want swapped in in place of the MAINtimetwister.scm listed) I save the batch file in the root directory of GTA3 to make sure all the addressing is accurate. And of course I have all my SCMs in the data folder. Make sure all files are NOT read-only so that the BAT can manipulate them. You can always make your backups read-only if you're worried about losing the data.


For aesthetical purposes, you could always create a shortcut to your batch file and put it in your Start menu. Or go one step further and right click on the shortcut and select properties. Click on Change Icon and browse to GTA3 (or VC or SA) and use that icon. Like so

user posted image


One more thing we can do. As you can see, one of my links is to Timetwister. I rarely use it and when I do, it's to do research and whatnot. To speed things up, I ALWAYS use the Admin Console with Timetwister. So why not launch them both? I do, and here's how


del "data\main.scm"copy "data\MAINtimetwister.scm" "data/main.scm"start D:\Games\hacks\GTA3\AdminC~1\[email protected] -n 1 -w 1000 > [email protected] -n 2 -w 1000> nulstart gta3.exe


Notice the ping lines? That's how you instigate a wait in DOS under an NT (and XP) core. Simply change the number 2 in the second ping line to whatever amount of seconds you'd like to wait. In win9X (including ME), use




...again replacing the 2 with the number of seconds you'd like it to wait. Why the wait? When I launch GTA3 and Admin Console together, the AC takes focus and GTA3 doesn't get past the opening video. This way both launch and I don't need to do anything more than start a new game and go do my research smile.gif


For those who can use this, I hope you find it useful. The minute or so it takes to set up saves tons of time later on.

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Whoops, damn doublepost bug blush.gif

Look a post down


Edited by Bigun

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Well, uh, you mentioned CHOICE.COM as well. Yes, Win2k includes that by default, but you can download a zip with DOS redistributables that includes it from Microsoft. DOS supplemental disk

(came from this page)

It is a self extracting zip, but you can still open it in WinRAR to extract only the CHOICE.COM.

Put it in same folder as batch, or maybe the system folder, I havent tried - please report back.

Then, you can take the batch even further by including all the mod swaps in one file, making it even more convient:


@ECHO OFFchoice /c:3VX GTA 3 or VCif errorlevel 2 goto vcif errorlevel 1 goto gta3GOTO END:gta3choice /c:TWC Timetwister, timeWalk or adminConsoleif errorlevel 3 goto 3consoleif errorlevel 2 goto 3timewalkif errorlevel 1 goto 3timetwistergoto END:3console-code-from-first-post-here-goto END:3timewalk---code from first post----:3timetwister---guess what----gotoEND:vc--Same story as gta3 section--:ENDexit


You can also make it more compatible with all filenames by using variables. But I am too lazy for that, maybe later I'll post something like that. tounge2.gif

Nice technique Dem. ph34r.gif


Edited by Bigun

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of coarse. thank you so much for pointing this out. I have made and used batch files before but never thought of using one for this reason.

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