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[REL] Triple7


Recommended Posts

It's official. My first real software package has been released smile.gif.


For about 2 months now, Barbaneez and I were using a rather scrappy statistic program I created in a few hours. It was alright, but it didn't look any good, and was rather hard to install.


So, I decided to overhaul it, fit for release. Thus, Triple7 was created.


Triple is one of the smallest and simplest statistic applications available today. It is one of the few which uses a text database, making it extremely versatile and portable.

So i'm very happy. And Barb appears to be pleased.

But I want to know what everyone else thinks (subtitle: Please review).

The main thing I want people's opinions on is the software itself, but a few words on the description wouldn't be bad wink.gif.


T7 Website

Download Page



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Wow! Nice work Johnno. It's simple, easy to use, and so easy to install. It took me about two minutes to install it to my webserver. It runs well, it displays the statistics in an easy to use and understand format.


It's good, I could look forever and a day, and not find one like this. Small, easy to use, and it gets the job done, with no fancy jargon, simple and plain.


Absolutely Brilliant Johnno! Good work.

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Very nice, man.

Works great on my small server I have on my home PC.

Better than using the raw logs files by far.

Especially since it has a small footprint.


I'll mirror if you need it. smile.gif

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Wow - Those comments really mean a lot to me smile.gif.


I've been thinking about the skinning possibilites - it would be possible to just change the CSS and logo image for a whole new look.

Do you think it would be worth making a few extra skins?

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Excellent work, this man has a big future ahead of him. Triple7 works perfect for me to very simple but effective perfect for what i need.



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This is brilliant colgate.gif


One question though, would it be too much work to have it show hits for each page you include it in?

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T7 is one of the most useful traffic stat scripts I have used yet. It's simple and effective and isn't a graphically-overloaded stats program either. It tells you what you need to know, want to know, and have to know. It's a great tool for the web guy that wants to find out how he can make his website better by researching important traffic-related statistics, like the number of people coming in each day and where they're coming from - two very vital things.


Great job Johnno, I can only look forward to future updates.



Like everyone else here, I'm pleased with what you've accomplished.

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Meh... your site is down, I have no idea what it does, and I believe I wont be able to install it after all.


EDIT: Oh, the site worked again, okay, I downloaded and took a look through the script. I have noticed a serious error already, you use "" all the time, remember, the PHP compiler takes longer time to compile "" strings than '', and it can slow down the entire script, to make it more effienct many of your "" strings should be turned into '' strings. Because the PHP compiler handles "" strings special, cause it assume that there is something special within these strings, however, '' is treathed like a simple string, which does not include anything. Thus leading to the fact that '' should be used everywhere, where "" is not needed.

Edited by Svip
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I look forward to seeing this grow, there are many way for it to be improved in the future but im sure your very aware of that. For me personally it is perfect.



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Especially for Rex, the Display module was released wink.gif.

<3 Johnno


Another suggestion if you're still taking them tounge.gif


Would it be too hard/time consuming to add, to the stats page, a graph for each pages hits/unique visits?


Life for example I have the stats tracking /irc/index.php and irctut.html


So on the stats page show how many times each of those pages has been hit.


If that doesn't make sense I can try to elaborate...

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