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Gamespot: Release Date


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Source: Gamespot: Liberty City Stories


Gamespot is putting the release date as 09/01/2005. It also says under news for the 10/6/2005, "5 Screenshots of - 06/10/05", is there 5 proper screenshots anywhere? Has this date been confirmed? No?

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Brown Streak RR

No. I doubt it.


1.) I personally won't believe anything until we have a confirmed date from Rockstar themselves, considering every internet site (i.e. Amazon, BestBuy, Gamespot) have different release dates.


2.) Knowing previous GTA's, they were released in the late fall. Most notably in late October. I doubt we'll see it earlier, but it might be possible.


And, no, the official screenshots do not exist. EDIT: Barbaneez explains the screenshots.



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Don't bet on anything until Rockstar themselves gives us a release date.

The 5 screens they say are there but do not show are ones that were first speculated about being true or not but were eventually proved fake.

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I would also like to add that about the online retailers displaying release dates. Now alot of people are coming and saying "Ebgames says September, so it is September!!".


Ptff...have you ever thought that when the admins adds a product to their database in the admin panel that they must enter a date and cant leave it blank, so therefore they just enter any nearest date that they think it will be. blink.gif

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