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What is your favorite weapon or weapons.....


What's your favorite weapon in San Andreas?  

89 members have voted

  1. 1. What's your favorite weapon in San Andreas?

    • Fist
    • Brass Knuckles
    • Baseball Bat
    • Nightstick
    • Pool Cue
    • Golf Club
    • Shovel
    • Knife
    • Katana
    • Chainsaw
    • Silenced 9mm
    • Desert Eagle
    • Micro-Sgm
    • SgmShotgun
    • Sawn-off Shotgun
    • Combat Shotgun
    • M4Rifle
    • Sniper Rifle
    • Grenade
    • Tear Gas
    • Remote Explosives
    • RPG
    • Heat Seek RPG
    • Minigun
    • Tec-9
    • Molotov Cocktail
    • Ak47
    • Flamethrower
    • 9 mm Pistol
    • None / no favorite

Recommended Posts

The Silenced Pistol because it doesn't upset nearby drivers. It's a shame that ammo is rare. I always go back to Los Santos conference center to get more. The Minigun, when more power is needed quickly to take down helicopters.

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Oh yeah! One of the best, and the only 'stealth weapon' effective in the entire series, Silenced 9mm!!!

Classic post osho :^:

The silenced pistol is always nice. I'll miss the days when I tried to hunt for it back when I was 8 playing SA on PS2. Amazing times.


GTAV's silenced pistol is not as cool as the one in SA, the soundeffect may not be so real but it's still memorable.

Edited by Phoenix_Poop
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Full skilled M4. During Gang Wars, this gun is killing machine, just shoot and go backwards.

The accuracy of the M4 is awesome, you can always hit your enemies, even if you keep shooting, no recoil at all.


The Ak47 sucks, even with Hitman-level it is very hard to hit someone from a far distance.


AND i love the HUD icon of the M4.

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Am I the only one who prefers the AK over the M4? It's not that it's better than the M4, but it has more style in it. Thank God with mods I made the guns more accurate to real life.

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Melee-knife or baseball bat

Handgun-Desert Eagle

SMG-any of them

Shotgun-any of them

Assault rifle-AK 47

Sniper rifle-scoped rifle

Heavy weapon-minigun or homing RPG

Thrown-grenades or molotovs

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Quinn the edgelord gem

EDIT: << "new" topic merged into existing topic >>



I know nearly every myth in gta sa is fake but still i'm interested to know what weapons and cars you used to investigate

I've always carried a desert eagle, shotgun (any kind) camera, and ak47 and I always used the bobcat

Edited by lil weasel
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1) TEC-9 because of "Yeah, Ballas turf, you dogs ready?"

2) Desert Eagle because of "Hey, Smoke"

3) M4 because of "We'll need some serious artillery for this gig. Say hi to M FO', M FOR MOTHERf*ckA'"



Not really for the lines though, it's because of their efficiencies and nostalgia related reasons :) - the molotov cocktail fascinates me as well.


Edited by Still Madd
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  • M4 Assault Rifle, Long Range and Higher capacity magazine.

RPG Missile launcher, It will take out Groups of Gang members at once (watch them fly like Superman) The blast radius goes through walls/hedges/fences, floors/decks, also kills vehicles.

Molotov Cocktails (with a fireproof Carl) is safe to use for groups also blasts through objects like the RPG., I especially like to drop them off roofs. and use them at the Skate Park to start and finish the Turf war

Sniper-Rifle to start Turf Wars when Gang members are out side the zone Carl is in. (the narrow strip near the hospital.

The HeAT missile Launcher during the "Interdiction mission".

Desert Eagle for One-shot, One kill situations.

Chain Saw for the easy kills during the "Stowaway" mission.

Edited by lil weasel
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