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GTA:SA Trainer


Recommended Posts

Map Teleportation has been fixed! Download v2.3


Now supports teleporting via the ingame map! See the about box in the trainer for details.


New in v2.3 - 7/16/05

Map Auto UnZoom.... Automatically fully unzooms the map when you view it.

Map Super UnZoom.... UnZooms the map more than would normally be allowed.

Fixed a NASTY bug that kept the map teleporter from working for most people

Map Teleporter now supports Mount Chiliad


New in v2.2

Ingame map teleportation (see about box for details)

Fixed a bug having to do with reloading a game and teleporting


New in v2.0

Player teleportation

Dynamic ingame teleport list


New in v1.1:

Hot Keys

Ingame ID typing

Some error checking



Ctrl-S: This handy little hotkey will spawn the last vehicle you created.

Ctrl-A: This allows you to type in any vehicle ID in game and have it spawned.

Ctrl-L: Shows you the first 8 saved teleport locations ingame.

Ctrl-(1-10): Teleport to one of the first 10 saved teleport locations.


**NOTE** Dont try to spawn a train, bad things happen.




Enjoy the trainer!


user posted image


Link: Trainer v2.3

Edited by Blehbeb
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There was a big bug in v2.2 that kept the map teleporter from working for most people. Download v2.3 to get the fixed version with a couple of new features.

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Excellent mod so I can teleport to a mod shop, spawn a freshly added car and see what I can do with it. One point of note: the spawner does spawn you at, say, mount chilliad, but wherever you spawn be ready to open a parachute because you actually spawn way up in the air (with a parachute).

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Whenever you use the the map teleport the trainer will automatically give you a parachute. There is no need to go find one.

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I did say that the trainer gives you a parachute. It wasn't meant as a put-down, just a point of note.

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Heh, I didnt take it as a put-down. I mearly thought you where under the impression that it puts you in mid air without one. Now that I re-read your post I see that it was a mistake on my part. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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It's avalible on http://drug.now.nu/

yeah...not really...


if someone really wants this hosted on reliable hosting, and actually has this file...send me a pm.

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Anyone have any luck finding this file?

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