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It could be bad news...


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It really baffles me as to why people would like to see two "computer generated polygons" perform sex acts let alone with clothes on bored.gif

That's the mystery of what we call humanoids.

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Some people may not know, but GTA: Vice City was restocked without some areas including the Hatians included, because there was a real American group named the Hatians, and they received abuse and violence from people influenced by the game. But my Vice copy still has this in, so there's just no way they can ask for them all back to take out this stuff.

And it will be the PS2 game as well due to the Action Replay code which enables it for the Playstation version too.

They shouldn't blame it on PatrickW, any modder can see thet he obviously didnt add all those animations, it would just take too much work, and for what? PC sex. I don't think so.

But as mentioned before, non-modders will be non-the-wiser as anything seems possible when you are inexperienced.


I only got Vice because of the modability (namely MTA), and this community would only be half it is without modding. There was talk of R* releasing modding tools for San Andreas, and now they are saying they will be enhancing the protection. Patch it out yes, prevent/protect modding? I don't reckon they'll risk it.

Maybe the code was put in before they decided to make it an M rated game. Then the pressure to release it built up (because remember it was the PS2 as well), and they just quickly hid and forgot about the code. Then it was too late because of the thousands that bought it on shipping day.

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