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[REL|Alpha] GTA Map Viewer

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Sorry if this is a general question: Will the Mapviewer also create radar files for Vice City, and what does it create exactly then? A 3d radar? Mc-Kay (leader of our mod) has some trouble making a radar for the mod, so... Thanks for helping!  smile.gif

Yea, you can also use it for VC, you just have to change the map width and and number of radar pieces accordingly. It will create a top-down 3D radar, rendered by the viewer. If you want an old-style radar, you could still use this to create the map in your image editor, to get an exact map.


@dertyjerzian: What do you mean with it doesn't load it? It refuses the game, or you don't see anything? Maybe that's why it's stripped and nothing is there? tounge.gif

Does it do it now? The radar thing?

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cool map editer and its alpha stage


P.S. why doesnt the programme just eat half my pc (very slow (for me)) angry.gif

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Please don't bump very old topics. PM the author.


Edit: No point in locking this, re-opened.

Edited by steve-m

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Hey steve, nice release.. unfortunately it's not working for me.


I create a 'games.cfg' in MapViewer's directory, with these contents:


C:\Program files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto San Andreas\C:\Program files\Rockstar Games\GTA Vice City\



I load MapViewer.exe, press F1 - nothing, press F2 - nothing. Am I doing something wrong? I doublechecked the readme file.

I think you should move the the mouse when you press f1 then there you are lol


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Sorry for posting to yyyyeears old topic, but I wanted to fly around legendary San Andreas using Leap. Discovered map viewer scripts, but application stops responding after running few seconds of script on Windows 8. Yes, I am calling time update. Something I can do about that?


EDIT: Figured it out, in XP SP3 compatibility mode, app doesn't hang when not responding smile.gif

Edited by Brejlounek

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