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Problem With RealGTA



Alright here we go. I downloaded this RealGta3 program from fileplanet and the download went through without a problem. I opened the file to install it to my Grand Theft Auto 3 game and tried to install the program. It starts installing then it gets to 60 percent complete (gta.img file) and then it stops. I sit for about 5 minutes and then nothing happens. I press Ctrl, Alt, Delete and it says by the RealGta program (Not Responding) and i cant figure out why? So why does it say that? I know it means that the program has stoped but why has it stoped? Im running Windows ME and its a really up to date computer so i dont understand why it want let me run this file. Somebody Help Me Please!

Edited by Anthony1987

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3 answers to this question

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Has anyone else had this problem? I downloaded RealGTA3 and when i tried to install the program it stoped at %60 and it also stoped responding (Froze UP). I have downloaded it 3 times now and nothing is working. Come on someone help me out.

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HEY HEY HEY i got it fixed. I used the Help link and now its fine.

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For future reference, you posted this in two places and neither of them were the mod troubleshooting forum. Leave the GTA3 forums for talking about GTA3 smile.gif

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