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Parking Lot Mod By DuPz0r

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Ok, so you know the pink parking lot in san fierro?

This one:



Well, i've been working on adding the best vehicles to spawn there.


I also reskinned it, and this is what it looks like:



I've finished it now, so here's the first release to download:



By the way, editing the main.scm means you'll have to start a new game, if you back up your old one, and your save files, you can still switch between them.


Have fun peeps



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Well done!

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wow just wow how long did it take you to code this

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If we start a new game we wont be able to get to San Fierro without playing thru? Post this in Mission Mods.

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Great mod, but I think it's just overloaded with cars that don't belong in there. (Quad, Bandito, etc.)

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this is a damn nice job u did m8, certainly gonna try it out, can be handy hehe

thx cookie.gif

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yeah, you still have to get to san fierro, i got there in about 45 minutes from the start of the game.

I just wizzed through all the missions untill the xoomer garage.

Does this count as a mission mod then?


The scripting took me about an hour and a half.



If you can't be arsed to play through the game, just use the place manager to teliport there...

Edited by DuPz0r

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