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San Andreas Multiplayer


Recommended Posts

Since the last saturday the first version of the SA gtaTournament mod is out.

It's a multiplayer modification for GTA:San Andreas.


You can download it from http://www.gtat.org .


Before you ask questions look in the FAQ:




And in the board:




Server you can find here:




There are still bugs. It's only a DEVSHOT release (Like an ALPHA).

But you can play with your friends in LAN and in the web a long time

if you do what you can read here:




A bugfixed version 0.1b is PLANNED for end of the week.


Features in 0.1a:


- Support for up to 96 players

- Support for up to 6000++ cars

- Ingame Chat


You need the following SPECIAL-MULTIPLAYER cheats for vehicles:




PCJ - spawns a PCJ above you

QUAD - spawns a QUAD above you

CHEETAH - spawns a CHEETAH above you

RCRACER - spawns a RC above you // you can't drive it ...

FREEWAY - spawns a FREEWAY above you

PICADOR - spawns a PICADOR above you

BF400 - spawns a BF400 above you

RCCAM - spawns a RCCAM above you



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i dont like it it will be better when they get all the stuff in like guns peds and sh*t

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i dont like it it will be better when they get all the stuff in like guns peds and sh*t

We do not know whether or not SAMP will feature peds, because the previous multiplayers for the past GTA games did not have peds.

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why the hell would you want peds ? maybe the guns..... i was playing the multiplayer a while ago its cool but it kinda lags when there is more than 5 people guess its my 56k modems fault.

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