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Hard drive switch..


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Right now I have a 60gb WD Caviar hard drive that used a regular ATA 100 IDE deely. I just bought a 160gb SATA Maxtor Diamondmax.


I want to transfer everything from the Caviar over to the Diamondmax, avoiding a re-install of windows at all costs. Can it be done?

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I looked it up on google and theoretically, it is possible but there is a huge risk involved in doing so because Windows is already installed in your primary harddrive. My suggestion is to back up all your files using whatever program you like, install Windows, and the re-add all of your old programs into the new version of Windows.



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Using Norton Ghost it is incredibly possible and not too hard to do either. It is also costly.


I had to transfer files from a 16gb WD to a 160gb Seagate recently. Seagate had a bootable CD utility that I used to do it with, and it worked OK, though I did end up spending a few days with the side of my case off and an HD hanging out, and then I fried my windows installation with NTLDR errors, and I needed to do like 7 Repair installations, but I eventually made it through. I reccomend buying Ghost, lots of people said it works well.

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Maxtor comes with a CD that you can boot from. Very easy to use and pretty straight forward, best of all you get to use a mouse to click you're way around so no command line commands to know or remember or screw up.


When you tell it that your new drive is a "new bootable drive" it'll see that the Pirmary Master already has an OS on it, so when it's done formatting the new drive it'll automaticly to a disc-to-disc copy from the Primary Master (old drive) to Primary Slave (new drive).


I'm not saying to not get Ghost, it is good (from what I hear) but if you don't have the money for it right now you can still get the job done with the HDD's CD.



However I would like to make this suggestion:

If the old drive is still running strong and nothing is wrong with, then leave it alone and run the OS from it. Install the new bigger drive as a slave for attentional storage, or even install your games on to it leaving more space on the master for the OS and all over programs.

I've got a 30GB (master) for my OS and everything else and a 200GB (slave) for installing/running games and working with video files.

Edited by wolf68k
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See that's the thing. My current hard drive only has a 2mb of cache and I want to switch everything over to benefit from the extra oomph....
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The only time I've seen the difference between a HDD with 2MB and 8MB cache is in benchmark tests. Real life, no real difference to me.

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Hmmz.....well here's a new problem for me. My computer recognizes the drive in the device manager but I still only have one available drive. The maxtor cd seems to freeze when I try to boot from it. It says "analayzing hard disk sub-system" and stays there for-f*cking-ever.
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Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Computer Managment >> On the left go to "Disk Management" >> Find your new HDD and right click it then click format.
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