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san andreas stories


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Ben Fleming
Errr, this is kind of off topic... mods please place this topic in the GTA4 section, as SAS would have nothing to do with LCS.
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i dont think a San Andreas gta stories game would fit on a psp disc, maybe Los Santos stories would be suitable

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die Catalina die
Does anyone know how to express their thoughts properly these days? blink.gif
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Actually, it would be pretty cool if R* went on to make a Vice City Stories for PSP, and then maybe San Andreas Stories (although it would probably have to be broken down into Los Santos Stories, San Fierro Stories, etc. to fit it, like magadag said).

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good idea, but this will have to be Los Santos stories, coz like someone said it wouldn't fit, & CJ never was in San Fierro before GTA:SA

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I like the idea of having the PSP games revisit the previous cities. It's good way of giving the people that say "I want the next game go back to Liberty/Vice/SA etc" what they want without upsetting the people that think they should be doing something new.

I don't have any problems with GTA going back to old places, but would prefer it if they kept to creating new environments for the big new releases like PS3. I would be very happy if they used the PSP to tell new stories in old places, especially since they could easily just re-release the old games instead if they wanted to. It's good to have something new, but still be familiar.


I'm not sure about the game leading up to Brian's death. It would have to be written very well for that to make a satisfying ending. I'd like Brian's story to be told, so maybe that could happen halfway through the game or in flashbacks.


I have a few problems with having CJ as the main Character:

1. I know a lot of people see him as older but I always think of CJ as in his early twenties. It makes sense for me if he ran away from home at 16 or 17. Things that are said about how Loc should go to college [The Introduction DVD] and that Barbara usually dates older guys makes me feel that CJ is only around 21-24. I see Sweet as 26 or 27. They all seem to act too young at times to be much older than that in my opinion. So that would put CJ as a teenager in this prequel which would cause more controversy.


2. If the game didn't end on Brian's death if would also have to be set in Liberty.


3. I like a new playable character for each new game. Maybe play as Sweet or even a Balla. We know Ken Rosenburg comes to SA sometime between '86 and '92. Brian would have died in '87 so maybe Ken was around then. I wouldn't want to play as him but he could be involved. Maybe you are one of Vercetti's gang travelling with Rosie over to the West Coast to start a drugs trade between Vice and LS. Maybe the whole drug problem in San Andreas is originally created by the introduction of this Vercetti gang member in 1987. That way you could include information about GTA3, Vice and SA and really use the PSP games as a way of expanding on the stories and history of the GTA world.


I'd be interested to see what Ryder, Big Smoke and Tenpenny were like 5 years ealier. Maybe some event in 'SA stories' prevents them from leaving the hood and leads them down the paths they eventually followed.


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