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About Odie...


Recommended Posts

Most of us will never forget the 23rd week of 2005. It was the week, when the PC version of SanAn we've all been waiting for, was finally released. I received my copy on thursday, a great day for me you might think. But it wasn't. Not at all.


On that day I received the notification of the death of a very good friend and fellow modder. Mapping-legend Heiko Feege, better known as Odie, passed away on Tuesday, June 7th, 2005. I hope you understand that out of respect for his widow and son (8) I can't go into any details.


It was Odie who created my interest in GTA modding, it was Odie who introduced me to GTAForums, it was Odie with whom I exchanged more than 1600 emails over the last 3 years. And I miss it, I miss him.


Odie was one of the best map modders GTA has ever seen, an outstanding member of the community. Not only did he contribute massively to game research and documentation, he was also the most creative and productive mind when it comes to map modeling. And he was a pioneer. His Stunt Park was the first complete map mod for GTA3, the Beach Park the first one for Vice City. His Berlin Mod might've even been the first TC ever started for a GTA 3D game. And of course he released the first full-blown lot for Myriad. Furthermore there is the unfinished CCM as expansion to his GTA3 Stunt Park, the LC Intercity Highway (in cooperation with illspirit), the Statue of Liberty (completing Liberty City), the unfinished FunWorld mod (initiated by him) and a Skyline and some mansions for Myriad. He was working on even more lots, including a church and a factory, but didn't have time to finish them. Also, he was working on a yet unannounced huge island, which has an overwhelming landscape and some innovative features (like a cable railway).


I'm in contact with his wife and we agreed that we can't let his awesome work go to waste, and she is trying to sort out his tons of files to find those that might be of interest to us. But I have no idea yet how to organize the continuation of his work...


Odie, I hope you have internet access wherever you might be now, to see that people care about and admire you. You left way too early. No words can explain our loss, we miss you and we will always remember you.





(Sorry for telling you so late. Maybe I didn't want to spoil your fun with SA. Maybe I didn't feel like writing all this. Maybe I tried to forget. I don't know...)

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I too, was greatly inspired by Odie's work. He was one of the most innovative and talented modders around. His work set the benchmark for every other mod made.


I'm feel so sorry for Odie, since I know the past few years haven't been kind of him personally. But even through rough times he still contributed to the community.


I'll miss you Odie. Rest in peace.

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Poor Steve very sorry of what happend to Odie poor Odie and his family R.I.P



Lets Have 1 Minute Silence every time we vist the topic.



Respect - We Should Make a mod for SA for him to be rememberd like a sign.

Edited by Modder
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I remember when GTA3 on PC came out, and I was dilly-and-dallying in map modding. I looked up to Odie a lot for the mods he made. I remember when he made the Stunt Park mod, and had figured out how to control the gravity processing and made that loop. I had a lot of fun on that little map.



It's sad to hear that he's gone, but I didn't know him that well at all, so this post is just to pay respsects.



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Sad to see him go, he was also the first person that inspired me into the modding community in gta3 and vc. And I was so happy to see him come back to the scene rescently after he went through that who delima with his wife or fiance or whoever it was.


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Though I wasn't ever really into modding, the immense impact of ODIE's work is obvious. I may not have known him, or have even been as familiar with his work as the rest of you, but that doesn't mean I can't pay my respects.


Best wishes to his wife and son.

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Although I did not know who he was, it is always sad when someone must go. Judging from the above posts, he was very important to this modding community and so I'd would like to thank him for helping to start this community and adding more fun to the lives of us gamers.


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Today we lose a legend, the community will never be the same without him. Rest in Peace, dear odie. Good damn, I had a lot of fun with the LC highway. I was looking forward to what he could have done with San An, but this will never come. I think we need a memorial on his lots, to make sure the memory of Odie lives forever..
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I've been rather devoid of emotion as of late, but steve, that was touching. You did him proud.


ODIE and I never collaborated, but we did exchange PMs. I was honored that he felt me worthy of sharing his personal life with as I did with others. I too hope that wherever you are, you are happy.



I think about GTA3: "I was made for modding you baby..."
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I'm at a loss for words, it's both scary and sad that a fellow modder passes away like this. I hope he passed away peacefully and wherever he is, realizes that we will forever more respect his outstanding contributions.
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We must never forget those mods of his we should email R* saying we would like to

give his mods to them for another GTA Game like his highway for example a highway for GTA LCS. I Must Say Again goodbye Odie your in a better place now.


Lest We Forget

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When I first found out that there were mods for GTA I when on a hunt. His were some of the first ones I found. They are the reason I and many others are on this forum started asking, "Can we do this? or "Can we do that?" because they showed the full potential of what could be done to this game. But more importantly they showed the great and creative mind of someone who took pride in his work.


I know that my words may not mean much, since I've been an outsider to many of the memories most of you have made with this man, but rest assured that his work and his person will be sorely missed by all of us silent modders. Rest In Peace Odie.




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Wow, ODIE if you can read my thoughts now you know what i'm thinking.

Currently i'm at college taking arts fundementals with plans on taking 3d Game design after i finish. ODIE was a major major inspiration to myself personally.

I will have few smilies in my posts for a while, and really feel this loss like losing

a real close friend I never talked to, but highly respected.


Something should be done. Did he have contact with anyone at rockstar?

If so it would be extremely fitting that a tribute to him be boldly placed in the next

GTA game, as he probably sold alot of games, and there are few people in the

community who I would stand firm on this about.


I'm feeling like I miss someone.

But strangely he's still alive, and visitable, whether it be in berlin, myrid, or at the

statue of liberty.


I'm out of words, yet I could write pages.

Thanks for everything ODIE.


P.S - I've had the same sig for 2 years.


EDIT: This topic should be perminately pinned.

Edited by MiLO83
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Never would've imagined on my own that something like this would make me cry. Can't help but to cry. I can't go on and on explaining myself, but please send my regards to the loved ones still here. A man I never knew. And what is strange is that I thought this over last night before bed. And here I find this post today.


Long Live Odie And The Stunt Park. Someone shoud port it to SA and put a statue of him there. Not the Odie dog, the Actual Odie. And a plaque. Readable. I had no Idea he was such a huge part of the progress you all have made today.


I'm so veryy sorry for the loss, and though this seems selfish, I'm srry I came around too late and never got a chance to meet someone who becomes one of my heroes, only all to late as well.


I send my love and best wishes to everyone missing someone today.




This is so sad, Im going to rest and have a coffee. God Bless.


And a little 8 year old a wife, this is too much for me. Everyone, I hope you are all ok. I never knew the man, but this community is amazing, I'm sure he was a big part of that being so.

Edited by dertyjerzian
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I don't know what to say, really this is rather a shock to me as Odie was as we all know a legend in modding GTA and someone who we've all looked up to whether or not a fellow moddder or just a user of such mods. I also feel terrible for the family he's left behind. He's spirit shall live on in the great mods he's given us.


Its really hard to express my feelings here so excuse me if that made little to no sense confused.gif

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Odie was responsible for most of the parts in my first mod, DRuGDome... he will be deeply missed by all... his parts for Myriad were groundbreaking... the revolving restaurant that really revolved was rokk'n.


Reading the posts in this thread are a testament to the amount of fellow modders that were inspired enough by his work to go on and make it their passion... This was his effect on me as well.


RIP Odie - one who really left his footprints.

Edited by [DRuG]NikT
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its sad to see anyone with compacity over normal beings suddenly go like this.


what did happen?


if you do not want to explain, its fine.


what makes me want to cry is....he probably didnt get to play san andreas for PC. :'(




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rip odie.


man.. i use to just completely be amazed at odie's work..



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Wow, this is really sad. I really loved his work and i still do. I hope his wife and kid are gonna be alright. Someone should start a donation thing for them.

RIP Odie- You WILL be missed.

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I never spoke to him, but I always followed his work. I think he's the first person who I never even wrote ONE WORD to whose death shook me up a bit.


RIP, Odie. My condolences go out to his wife and son.



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odie r0xed my proverbial socks, cryani.gif


didnt know him personally, but its really sad to hear hes not with us any more, and that his wife and child are now without a husband and father sad.gif

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Thats a real shame. I'll miss him. I didn't know him as well as I would have liked to... Heh, its odd... on the internet it always seems like you have more then enough time. Like death somehow should not be an issue. confused.gif


Anyway... I always enjoyed his work and admired him for it. The man was truly talented, may he rest in peice.

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I don't think anyone on here will forget him and everyone in the modding community has a lot of respect for him. r.i.p ODIE

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