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Your favorite song(s) in GTA San Andreas

Recommended Posts

Easy pick: Gorillas in tha mist by tha lench mob ph34r.gif

colgate.gif That's a cool song. I remember how Juilo G says he drove through the thick fog.

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Young Turks (Just recently I realized he said "Young hearts be free tonight", before I thought he said "Young ho's", so I always thought this song was funny.)

I can't stop laughing at this. How can you get hearts mixed up with ho's? Lol, I think i'm gonna explode lmao.

I concur. bored.gif



user posted image

Let's just say my hearing always creates a misunderstanding smile.gif

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NWA - Always Into Something


Tupac - I Don't Give A f*ck


Dre & Snoop - Deep Cover


Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day


Dr Dre - Nuthin' But A G Thang


Dr Dre - f*ck Wit Dre Day



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Killing in the name of

BY-Race Agents the machine


~Ants OW

You mean Rage Against the Machine not Race Agents the Machine LOL (sorry I just had to correct that)

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K-DST- Strutter, Freebird, and Two Tickets to Paradise


Bounce FM- Funky Worm, Candy, and I Can Make You Dance


Radio Los Santos- I Don't Give a f*ck, It Was a Good Day, Express Yourself, and Eazy-er Said Than Dunn


Radio X- Movin' On Up, Hellraiser, Them Bones, Killing in the Name, and Midlife Crisis


Master Sounds 98.3- Express Yourself, and Low Rider


Playback FM- Children's Story, It Takes Two, The Godfather, and Warm It Up Kane


K Rose- My Exes Live in Texas, One Step Forward, and Crazy



I just like San Andreas's radio a lot. tounge.gif





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kill her in my iller

dr dre-aint nufin but a g thing, deep cover and f*ck wit dre day

eazy e-eazier said than done

de lench mob-gorillas in the mist

ice cube-it was a good day (even though ice cube is a racist punk)

kid frost-la raza

2pac-i dont give a f*ck

too short-the ghetto

above the law-murder rap

nwa-express yo'self

nwa-always into somthing


bobby brown-don't be cruel

swv-im so into you

bel biv devoe-poison


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All the KDST's, K-ROSE's and RadioX's song are very good but the best song is Soundgarden's Rusty Cage (with perfect sound of Chris Cornell)... inlove.gif

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I listen to K ROSE because Its funny..


My favorite song is one from the user track radio (my own)tounge.gif:p:p,

but my GTA:SA is Rainy night

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Steve Crook

Anything except ©rap music.

I know it's appropriate to the game, what with it being LA gangs and all, but I don't have to like the music to like the game. I'm glad they give a decent choice on the other stations.


I quite like catching the news on WCTR. It lags a bit behind your latest exploits (as you'd expect) but most of your actions are reported



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  • 1 month later...

favorite songs-


rusty cage

killing in the name

them bones







good day

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sanandreas luva101
we all played gta buut we played sanadreas 2 post some of the music that u like


sa music

i like kdst radiox krose


my fave song


guns'n'rose welcome 2 the jungle (radio x) die.gif

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