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Your favorite song(s) in GTA San Andreas

Recommended Posts

some of my favorites though :


Billy Idol - White Wedding


L7 - Pretend that we're dead


War - Low Rider(Low , ri-dah, knows every streets , Yeah! wink.gif )


Foghat - Slow Ride


Heart - (ooooooooH!) Barracuda!


Kiss - Strutter


Eddie Money - Two Tickets To Paradise


Tom Petty - Runnin' down a dream


(the song with "Oh Lord i can't change")


Dr Dre(Featuring Snoop Dogg) - Nuthin' But A G Thang,(Baby!Two Lock Down Niggaz gone Craazy! biggrin.gif )


Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day


tell us something you can't understand! - How I Could Just Kill A Man! - Cypress hill



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I play my own music. cool.gif SA should have some good songs though. (at least 10 I think can't recall names as I havn't played SA in like 6 months)

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well i like quite a few


Ice Cube - Today was a good day

Comptons Most Wanted - Hood took me under


Also song with Dr Dre and Snoop Dog dunno wat is called but snoop dogs says 'bow wow wow, yipi yo yipi ya'


also like


Ce Ce Rogers - Someday

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RLS: The easy e one, and "The hood took me Under" by Comptons most wanted.


PLYBCK: Kool Kieth and someone else - "Critical Beatdown" and the Master Ace and the Biz song, "Me and the Biz"


K-RSE: About the guy hunting aligators in the swamp


D-DST: 'Slow Ride" - Foghat


Bounce: Odessy - Forgot artist


Master sounds: "Smokin' Cheeba Cheeba" by The Harlem Underground Band


CSR: None, because the station sucks


SF-UR: None


Radio X: The ozzy song.

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Everything on Radio X, Sage is great, wctr is good on Gardening With Maurice, I'm an Andy Dick fan. I know that's not a song but it's on the radio



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Another Radio Los Santos fan here smile.gif


Best song

F*ck Wit Dre Day - Dr Dre feat Snoop Dog



Yeh, hell yeh - know what I'm sayin?


'Bow Wow Wow Yippy Yo Yippy Ya

Doggy Dog in the Muthaf*ckin house

Bow Wow Wow Yippy Yo Yippy Ya

Death Row's in the Muthaf*ckin house


We have your muthaf*ckin record company surrounded

Put down the candy and let the little boy go

You know what I'm sayin?'



brilliant smile.gif




other ace tracks


I Don't Give A F*ck - 2Pac

It Was A Good Day - Ice Cube

La Raza - Kid Frost

Nuthin' But A G Thang - Dr Dre feat Snoop Dog


SA KJAH is a disappointment compared with GTA3 KJAH

but this Lee Scratch Perry produced song does it for me


Max Romeo And The Upsetters - Chase The Devil




forgot this gem on KJAH


Augustus Pablo & King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown smile.gif



Dub On!

Edited by DiCanio
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Mercedes SL

The best song is on K-DST Creedence Cleawater Revival - Green river

My 3 year old brother is allso playing GTA SA. LOL he like the K-Rose tounge.gif

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Welcome to the Jungle and Hellraiser, if you think about both the names of the songs are slight references to GTA:SA, I'll explain it for those who dont get it


Welcome to the Jungle - San Andreas is a crazy violent state and those things are often referred with the saying "its a jungle out there"


Hellraiser - CJ is a hellraiser


get it now

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faith no more - midlife crisis


rage against the machine - killing in the name of


stone temple pilots - plush


basically, Radio X




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I'm not a fan of rap, I listen to it for immersion.


My absolute favourite has to be:


AMERICA - Horse With No Name


on K-DST.


Such a good song!

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Southside G
dre and snoop - ain't nuthin but a G thing

dre and snoop - deep cover

radio los santos fan lol.gif

and my mp3 collection wink.gif

same here.dre & snoop is the sh*t.

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billy idol white wedding kdst

Thats my song to. When i hear that song, then i go mad and can't get my finger from the gas button (key).


Ok got another, Tom Patty: Running Down a Dream

Hehe dream, get it

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