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The "Web Of Intrigue"


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Could I get an enlarged, readable copy of the "Web of Intrigue" posted in the UK LCS article? Thanks. tounge.gif

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I don't have a scanner, then i thought "I could type it up for him", then i remembered it was a spider diagram and I thought "[email protected] that". Besides, you should purchase the Mag like everyone else.




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Yes I'm sure he's gonna hop on a plane to the UK and buy it


I was unaware that the US version of the OPS2M didn't have the diagram...


It's far to complicated type up and explain the character links in detail Kanney. Too many crossovers, that's why they used a diagram. If i can get a scanner, or if I can find the time tonight to photoshop up a rough one, I'll post it here.




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My scanner's not working but here's an edited photo:

user posted image


The colours of the lines mean:


Yellow = Starred in...

Blue = Copped off with...

White = Inspired by...

Green... = Family Ties...

Purple = Rapped with...

Orange = Directed by...

Pink = Posed in...

Edited by carpetdweller
user posted image
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Just got home from town and saw the Web Of Intrigue in the magazine. its last months magazine in there. New one out next month with something new, damn, I had seen the Web before!

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Ok that scan is just mind boggling. Interesting though.. but mind boggling.

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