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New stuff


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I just received my U.S. PlayStation Magazine (Issue 95) with LC Stories on the cover. There's an 8 page preview inside for you to check out. I'm not sure if there is any new information, but I'm going to read through it now and then update.



Hmm... not a whole lot to add.


- The PSP engine has been worked on for two and a half years already, so it only took Rockstar three weeks to get LCS running on the PSP. With the technical hurdle out of the way, Rockstar quickly got to work on making LCS grow.

- Aside from quicker missions and shorter cut-scenes, essentially everything else will remain the same due to not having many restrictions on the PSP. Rockstar wants LCS to feel like you are playing in just another side of the GTA universe, instead of "I'm playing the crappy portable GTA."

- Rockstar is putting forth as much effort for the portable GTA as they did with GTA3, Vice City, and San Andreas. The high production value with attention to detail, soundtracks, voice recordings, etc. will not change on the PSP.

- The world is roughly halfway between GTA3 and Vice City; it's longer than GTA3 and shorter than Vice City.


I also found this interesting quote in an interview with Dan Houser about the subject of milking GTA. I'm sure the thought has crossed everyone's mind...



Do you ever feel like you're almost done with the GTA world?

Dan Houser:

... And we are very clear, and I hope what you saw today shows that: We are not interested in milking stuff to make money. I mean, of course we want to make money, it's a commerical economy. But we are actually doing the most creative sh*t we can, and we're making games that are good. We're not going to be like, "We need to maximize revenue." It's just not our way; we try to make commercial art here. And it has to be commercial because it's expensive and someone has to pay for it, but we do see it as an art, and when it stops being like that, that's when we lose it.


He goes on to say that Rockstar have not lost their creative drive yet, and they are extremely aggressive about making sure that the games have new features and exciting things to do with high production values. Which is good. He also explains the reasoning behind using only the experts on games instead of placing juniors and assistants on other games. They want to put forth the best effort possible. They can make one game a year that is great which is why they don't make 20 crappy games a year. People don't make this correlation. They really love Rockstar's games and want them to make more, but what they don't realize is the quality wouldn't be there.


I got it from GTAgaming. smile.gif

Edited by MOBMAN
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anyone got scans?

No need for them because they don't have any new screenshots.

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Brown Streak RR

Thanks for the info. Still no major new news though. confused.gif

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Nice stuff Mobman, saw this a couple of days ago tho.

if thats the august issue and they said that LCS would be out following EU release of PSP, the I'd say that the september issue should have a fair bit of new info/screens.

Hopefully smile.gif

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Brown Streak RR

We can only hope so Kanney.


I'm expecting some sorts of official screenshots in July though. I'm crossing my fingers. If not July, surely August or early September.


With the current crappy gaming selection for the PSP, LCS is certainly making me drool. smile.gif

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3 weeks to get the game running on the PSP? using the same city? no flight? call me cynical, but it sounds like milking it to me. it'll still be the best game on the PSP when it comes out though............

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