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WTF moments [not funny]



50 members have voted

  1. 1. Your anger level:

    • Eh, I can try again.
    • Grr, but who says I'll fail again?
    • This is pissing me the off.
    • Please! Just let me complete the damn mission!
    • Screw THIS MISSION! I'M DONE! (Quits game).
    • Other

Recommended Posts

Obb Porff

Hey Lazlo, did the events of first post happen to you in game? Lol!


My worst day:

This once, I was in Jefferson driving a modded Turismo. I was driving nicely and felt quite proud. Then I accidentally ran over a ped while speeding. I didn't see him clearly, so I backed up and exited my car to see the ped. When I got out, before I could even turn around I was run over by a blue broadway driven by a blue ped with white hat. I was enraged. I pulled him out and he ran off but I ran him over 😆. Revenge complete 😈


But then, two more vehicles came and rammed my car! I was like wtf?!! Since I could not follow two people at the same time I simply resprayed my car. 😆

Edited by Obb Porff
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  • 4 weeks later...

Playing the "555 WE TIP" mission and failing it because I didn't park the Merit into the garage, I was an inch from the marker and the time ran out.


Getting my path cut by bad drivers.


Cops in literally any mission they shouldn't be.


DYOM: Saving a mission over another mission (that mission took me 2 hours to make).


Sliding bug doesn't work without frame limiter, so I am forced to have a laggy game for it to work.

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In San Fierro drivers don't brake with enough distance so in traffic lights they always smash the back of your car.

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Don't know if i posted this sometime, but once i was doing a mission for Woozie, then he just walked in the highway and a car ran over him and ''MISSION FAILED''

Woozie died.

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  • 1 month later...

I was riding on a Vortex south of the Easter Bay Airport. The Vortex, like a plane, is the closest thing to a nuclear bomb in San Andreas when it explodes. After enough vehicles bumped into me, my Vortex exploded. Instead if dying, I was completely unharmed while everybody else died from further explosions. Although I had full health and armor, I was stuck with an SMG as my weapon. Since I was near a place where a Tanker spawns, I went to steal it. Once I got the Tanker, I was finally free to switch my weapons.

Edited by Male01
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On 7/2/2005 at 5:45 PM, WreckInTurn4 said:

I was doing Dam and Blast, and when I landed, not only did I lose more health than I should have, but I couldn't switch from my fist to any other weapon! When the I got the knife I couldn't go back to the fist, it just stuck at one weapon.

this is now known to happen unless you actually land inside the marker. if you land on target, you can keep your weapons and switching ability 


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Another GTA Fan

I was doing 'Toreno's Last Flight' mission, and I destroyed the Helicopter, which is what you're suppose to do... but it wasn't really destroyed and was endlessly spinning around on the road. The game still said 'Mission Passed', though, so it wasn't all bad. I have never had this happen before.



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here's a WTF moment in 555 WE - TIP: so, you gotta get this car to your garage in Dougherty and back again in under 2 minutes without a scratch? easy....unless the DA is such a bad driver as this ONE time, he brings his car to me SMOKING and the doors on each side are MISSING. He exits the car and says to me: "No Dings".

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  • 7 months later...

I was playing "Farewell My Love" when I barely managed to finish it. After watching the entire ending, CJ suddenly died. Since I was playing GTA San Andreas Remastered on a Windows tablet, the game automatically creates a new save file upon completing missions or using other checkpoints. Upon loading the save file, CJ mysteriously died again. This made me have to play the mission again.



Despite how much it resembles an unfinished poorly made creepypasta, the following story is real.


When I loaded a save file in Verdant Meadows, I found out that the nighttime textures for vehicle lights didn't load properly. I didn't really care much becuse I just wanted to drive through the desert to San Fierro. Once I had gotten inside of a vehicle, all of the radio stations were playing an awful static sound at a low pitch. This also wasn't very important to me. Upon reaching El Quebrados, there was no vehicles or pedestrians on the streets. I saw one Ranger which was driving behind me. Many other Rangers appeared behind me and I realized that they were taking the same turns as me. Once I left El Quebrados, I didn't notice any other Ranger but the roads had normal traffic again. Upon reaching Zero RC, I saw some Campers and I noticed that they had a strange taillight texture that was different than every other car. Instead of having the same weird dark red gray taillight texture as every other car, the Camper had some lines that were curved and resembled strands of hair. Some other cars in San Fierro had the same texrure but the taillights were small and circular. Since I was in a San Fierro Rifas territory, it took a while but I stumbled upon a Sabre. Due to its larger rectangular taillights, more of the mysterious texture had been exposed. Upon close inspection, I realized that the texture on the Sabre's taillights were none other than the hot dog vendor's face. Many creepypastas tend to end with the game crashing but I was playing GTA San Andreas Remastered on a Windows tablet. As we all know, the Mobile version is the same as the Xbox 360 version and the Xbox 360 version has countless issues, including crashes. The Mobile version has unique glitches such as using the Audio Settings menu to hear radio stations in emergency vehicles and cars having the wrong color on damaged parts. Please note that the Windows Store version has some more crashes than the Android version including the game crashing upon exiting the Johnson House after loading for the first time in a playing session. Of course, I had been playing for several minutes with a glitches radio and improperly loaded vehicle textures so of course my game crashed and I got several Blue Screens of Death in a row.

Edited by Male01
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