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WTF moments [not funny]



50 members have voted

  1. 1. Your anger level:

    • Eh, I can try again.
    • Grr, but who says I'll fail again?
    • This is pissing me the off.
    • Please! Just let me complete the damn mission!
    • Screw THIS MISSION! I'M DONE! (Quits game).
    • Other

Recommended Posts

Lethal Vaccine

I usually on a start of a New Game take the $350 that CJ is given and go to Inside Track Betting and turn the 350 Dollars into 5 Million Dollars, or greater. If you lose, you just reload and try again. But after a few tries, you will wrack up a lot of money...


I am not sure how much Horseshoes play a role with the luck :D Even though it says Luck: 1000.

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  • 3 months later...
tino rubić

Supply Lines...


Lots of people seem to have trouble with this mission, a tip that makes it very easy but time consuming is to land the plane on the ground and drive it backwards to travel between the targets, you don't use any fuel and don't need to be able to actually fly the plane much at all. Doing it this way takes ages but it does work (apparently not for the PS2 version 1.0 though).

yea i once shoted all five then that plane started burn than ka boom mission failed CUURS BERKLEY


could someone pass for me two mission

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  • 2 weeks later...

Mine was when i was doing drive-thru

After i wrecked the balla's car i got 1 star wanted level,but anyways i did not stop on my way to grove st.I had a mod called no forbidden paths which diverts traffic to the grove,I saw a police car zooming towards me.As i reached the marker,and the cutscene started the police car came,the inspector got out of the cruiser and started to walk away and I was like WTF happened to this cop :p

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  • 1 month later...

I was on a betting shop near Glen park. As soon as i get out i heard a plane sound. Then a dodo crashed.

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  • 3 weeks later...

The car alarm is a normal feature in all GTAs. On San Andreas, cars that spawn at one location that weren't there before usually come with an alarm, if they're not locked altogether. Some other parked cars have them as well

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the weird thing is i found one alarmed luxury car in los santos near beach area (but little bit into city, lots of houses around) in front of big building in parking lot, it came with alarm, sadly i used gasoline mod, it spawned empty and few feet away police busted me! :/ next time at same location and same spot car was NOT alarmed! weird

Edited by Jaanus949
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  • 8 months later...

So you're about to beat [...], you've gotten so far and you can't wait to see that: "Mission Passed! Respect +" or maybe earn some money after you complete it (if the mission gives money afterwards), but then, out of nowhere, you fail the mission. Maybe [...] got killed? Maybe the car accidentally flipped over? Or maybe you died? Whatever happened, post down below the closest you got to beating a mission, then failed at the very last second, then choose how angry you got, by selecting your anger level in the poll.



Edited by GangstaZilla203
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Fooking Rekt

On my first playtrough i had trouble with Farewell, My Love... I spent around 30 minutes trying to beat it and eventually i made it to the second last checkpoint and i drove in the water...

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It was during the parachuting part in the over-extended Casino Heist mission, when a random glitch occured after jumping from the building and the damn chute wouldn't open at all thus ended up dying. I nearly throwed a complete bitch fit, but this gave me another chance to replay the mission without using the useless night googles.

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Back when I was playing the game for the first time, I got seriously stuck at Vertical Bird mission. I couldn't pass it in a legit way no matter how much I tried, so I decided to leave the Hydra at the airport and take a bike and destroy the boats on foot. The problem was that even landing the Hydra at the airstrip without doing anything cost me some damage because I really sucked at flying. So I took my time to land, destroy the boats on foot and I failed the mission just because I couldn't navigate the Hydra to the hangar and thus I destroyed it and killed myself. It was very irritating especially after spending so much time on the mission (not counting my previous attempts before figuring out the easy way), And what's more that happened again and then once again.....

At this point I was seriously considering giving up. And it's weird because I passed missions that were supposedly hard for other players at my first try - Freefall for instance. But I just couldn't pass the damn Vertical Bird.

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On my first playtrough i had trouble with Farewell, My Love... I spent around 30 minutes trying to beat it and eventually i made it to the second last checkpoint and i drove in the water...

I'm done with that mission :lol::lol::lol:

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Oh there were many of these situations, I went crazy when that happened to me like, the second time. That happened to me during Supply Lines. I blew everything up, but when I was just at Zero's roof, the fuel ended. The plane landed on the goddamn roof ffs...



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Fooking Rekt

Oh well, 5 minutes ago i was doing Los Desperados. In the final cutscene where CJ offers to bring Hazer to a hospital, a birning car parks right next to CJ and explodes... 2 seconds before passing the mission it gives me a message saying; "Mission failed! Gal was killed!"


Stupid AI..

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I remember during my first playthrough, I couldn't beat the Wu Zi Mu mission at all as I was really bad at racing, then I got the idea of putting the flying car cheat to make the other opponents fly away so that I could finally win, all I had to do was to drive slowly and cautiously.

Everything went fine, so I thought, I was about to win the race when out of nowhere a car passes me and win the race. :sui:

I don't remember what my reaction was exactly (even though I know I was extremely pissed off) but I probably ragequit the game.


Another one (still my first playthrough) was during the flight school mission where I couldn't pass the "circle airstrip" and the "circle airstrip and land" parts, I don't know why, but I couldn't fly properly. I spent so much time on it, failing again and again that I decided to download a save file in order to pass the entire learn to fly part as well as N.O.E. (because I knew I wouldn't be able to do it properly). What is funny is that I managed to beat the Vertical Bird mission on my first try because all the hydras crashed on the bridge nearby. :lol:


It's funny to see that I can now beat these missions with ease without failing them once.

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2 odd things happened to me recently


1- i took this car and the ped next to me would not leave the car? there were two ppl in it, i ejected the driver ofc but the other ped stayed in for the longest time... i stopped several times since i noticed immediately this is like bit weird, but the ped wouldn't leave... he didn't say anything either but did ran away eventually hah... this was in SF


2- i hijacked this van near the closest chicken place in CJ's neighborhood in LS. now i don't know if these vans exist and i just never noticed this but when i began driving it i saw a sound system in the back! just like in that beach/dancing mission for og loc! i didn't save the van [i think it was just your regular dark-colored pony] but that did stuck with me... im not sure if these spawn all the time tho? they might it was just my first time seeing this outside of that mission


On 6/14/2016 at 8:34 PM, Legomanarthur said:

I managed to beat the Vertical Bird mission on my first try because all the hydras crashed on the bridge nearby. :lol:


hah i recently saw ppl doing that on purpose as strategy, like purposefully circling the bridges until they all crash...

Edited by thisdjjdasiaa
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This is a wtf moment I've been in; After being fireproof reaching level 12 in Firetruck side mission & purposely walking on fire while the peds were saying he's on fire, look he's on fire. I walked next to that ped while the fire was on CJ & burned that ped. 2 stars for that too. wtf! lol

Edited by AdressUnknown
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  • 6 months later...

A few months ago I was running up to Madd Dogg's mansion to do a mission. Suddenly an NPC airplane crashed right into the mansion and exploded, taking half my health. Scared the sh*t out of me.

Coincidentally, that happened right before Riot.

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  • 8 months later...

Was just killed by a f*cking plane out of know where. Jesus i forgot how annoying that was. Was driving up Mount Chiliad and this big ass plane came down crashing besides me out of know where :wtf:

Edited by GTA_The_Series
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  • 4 weeks later...

just driving down the road in mullohound intersection going away from my safe house into the country when i hear the sound of a descending propeller driven aircraft its smashes into the road near me causing my car to catch fire and blow up without allowing me to get out in time. then another time i was almost killed by another rustler while driving up the side of mount chilad on a narrow path and a rustler crashes into the mountain a couple of feet away from me i thought it was gonna kill me since i was in a narrow path i found both my expreinces funny.

Edited by zombieslayer777
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This all started with the mission Cesar vialpando. Well you know when you have to drive the Savanna into the garage to pimp it out. Well the known glitch of planes exploding and falling near CJ area to act as the game is alive. Well, after customizing the lowrider as I was pulling out of the garage just out of nowhere the Cutscene shows explosions and suddenly a plane falling down hitting the car, thus killing CJ, Blowing up the lowrider, and killing the mechanic. Mission Failed. I Seriously lol'ed at that. I still remember that till this day.

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Was just driving on the pc version. Speeding down to Grove Street when a frigging Hunter spawned in front of me, so I crashed into it. It said "cheat activated", so I think I spawned it by accident, but oh my that was the most unexpected ever.

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Evil empire

I'm in the quarry doing the mission where you have to get rid or a cop's corpse and his bike. I don't like this mission because of the precision you need to drop things in the dumper. I already failed the mission and I'm finally getting succesful to get my 2 targets in the dumper, I even disabled the countdown because I feel I will lose another time. I'm seeing the end of the tunnel and feel happy to go to the next mission when suddenly coming from nowhere a plane arrives and crashes right on the dumper explodes it and makes me fail the mission. I was slightly disgusted.

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  • 1 month later...
Chasing Coyote

I've got a WTF moment! in the last quarry mission, I got the dead cop rolled to the crane area, and was told to get the cop's Bike next. the blip said it was above my level, unusual as I've played this before and it shouldn't have been on a higher tier. anyway, wtf, I drove the Dozer up the next tier, and blip was out in the middle of quarry, but the bike was STILL above me! I got out of dozer looking for the bike, and found it, hanging about 100 ft in mid-air! I tried shooting it down with my sawed-offs, but no effect. finally shot it down with the sniper, and clock is ticking down fast. ran back to dozer as fast as I could run, and finally get in and start to make my way to the bike when fog rolls in and I can't see five feet in front of me! mission fails just as I get to the bike with the dozer! I was so frustrated I didn't have the presence of mind to take a snapshot.

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I was driving my bike in Downtown LS and then I see a gang of bikers, same bike, same clothes. Thankfully I took a picture.


Edited by LongLiveJojo
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Breaking The Bank At Caligula's... the ONLY time in the game where they change the physics behind gliding/parachuting and expect you to just have faith that you will make it to the next rooftop without deploying the chute immediately. It took me over a DECADE before I saw a video where somebody pulled it off as intended. Talk about frustrating.

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  • 2 months later...

EDIT: << merged into existing Topic of same nature >>


If you follow news in the US, video games, even ours by name, are being blamed for rampages again. It's nonsense of course.


But in San Andreas, I admit I've had some bad days, right out of the movie "



I'd like to hear about your San Andreas triggers, the things that turn your otherwise peaceful roam-play day into a catastrophic clusterf**k of awful. The incidents that lead to a cascading sequence of events that begins with a mundane cruise to Roboi's to get a soda and turns into a 4 star calamity with cars piled up on the interstate while choppers swarm overhead, 10 dead civilians, 8 dead cops, SWAT teams taking positions on you in your underwear at Pershing Square wearing a parachute that you don't even remember where you got it from, and while you're down to waving a dildo at FBI agents screaming obscenities from the middle of the fountain pool riddled with bullets, there's still an old woman trying to kick your butt for dinging her station wagon two blocks away.




A hail of gunfire later, and the next thing you know you're standing outside the police station with no ride or weapons, $300 poorer, at which point you remember you should stop at Roboi's for a soda.


For me, its always that ped, Male01, who can't drive worth s**t. and seems to love smashing my tail or head lights. Again. And Again. Finally I snap, shoot the pr**k, a cop sees me, and its off to the races. Or the day I snapped and took a position at the Robada Intersection, and just spent 15 minutes executing every g*****m cab driver that went by after they rammed me from behind about 6 times in 15 minutes.




I feel better already. How about you? What gets you into Terminator mode?

Edited by lil weasel
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I get really upset when my supposed "homies" tell me my clothes are bad or I need new clothes.



lol I know that feel


When you're already having a beat down day in the game and some ped randomly rips on your cologne or whatever and I finally snap


You just got your newly repaired car rammed by some drunk running from the cops, you spent the last five minutes dodging the police because some bike-cop pulled out in front of you at the light and clipped your head-light, you've been trying to get to the Cluckin Bell for the last 15 minutes while your stomach is growling, you've had to replace your body armor twice, some moron on a motorcycle hit you as you get out of the car to pop some bad driver and as you're getting up, he has already sped off while some ditzy broad literally is using her car to push yours out of her way and into a light pole, your homies show up but cant shoot a cop standing three feet in front of him, the rain starts making the roads slick and some shoot-out down the block sends cars into a panic as they bang your car up while they pass, and as your standing there hungry in the rain with busted armor and a car that went from new to smashed in less than a minute sitting still-


Right then some hood-rat walks by: "Man, do you shower in doo-doo?"





Edited by Lazlo_
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