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WTF moments [not funny]



50 members have voted

  1. 1. Your anger level:

    • Eh, I can try again.
    • Grr, but who says I'll fail again?
    • This is pissing me the off.
    • Please! Just let me complete the damn mission!
    • Screw THIS MISSION! I'M DONE! (Quits game).
    • Other

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My most recent WTF moment was in the final Driving School mission, where I braked to avoid traffic and the mission ended because I stopped moving.



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My most recent WTF moment was in the final Driving School mission, where I braked to avoid traffic and the mission ended because I stopped moving.



That happened to me all the time. I was on the last corner making the last turn to get on the street back up to the driving school and i put my brakes on to make the corner but i spun out and got like a 20%.

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I just had the ultimate WTF.


Pier 69 mission. I'm chasing Ryder in the boat and I'm looking at him to shoot, not in front of me and I hit a damn rock. Here's the first WTF: http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/wtfboat.jpg


So I figure I've failed it, but decide to hit "F" to get out of the boat and take a few potshots at Ryder. Here's the second WTF. As soon as I hit "F", suddenly, I'm in Tierra Robada standing on the highway. I could see the wanted level flash to 4, then disappear, then flash back to 4, then disappear and it kept doing that.


So I jack a car and go roaring down the highway after Ryder because he's stopped like he's waiting on me. I jumped out of the car, switched to rocket launcher and blasted his boat. Mission Passed!!! ROFL http://www.mikehealan.com/gta/wtfkilledboat.jpg


Then my wanted level went right up to 4 and I got killed by the cops. Spawned somewhere in Red County and I just drove back to San Fierro.

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Cartoon Corpse

a jet chasing my beagle flew into the gant bridge (got too close to carrier area), and triggered a huge chain reaction of explosions (cars on bridge i suppose)...i flew on to SA!

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I just had a funny one happen to me.


For some reason a car stops on the highway and a guy on a wayfarer wrecks into him and flies off of it. The wayfarer slowly goes down this hill into the water and the guy runs down the hill after it and runs into the water and drowns himself. I took a picture cause it was so freakin funny lol.gif .

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In the "Woozie" mission where I have to improve my lung capacity to swim underwater, I went to the docks and for some reason a bunch of people would follow me, jump off the dock and drown... blink.gif

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I was doin burglar missions and I just found a house that is stuck halfway inside the ground. when you go in and come back out it puts you halfway in the ground also.


Edit: I just loaded the game and went there again and it was still halfway in the ground its in the marina area right next to the verona beach area.

Edited by crime_partner
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farting around las venturas on the HWY i shot a car tand all the others piled up like crazy, in the end i just took out a rocket and had some fun biggrin.gif

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Just yesterday, I was reading about the planes crashing into the "track betting" building and I was thinking about how crazy that was, but today, it almost happened to me too!!!

I had one of those "terrorist" planes crash about twenty metres away as I stepped out of the "track betting" building today. I thought I was gonna die from the chain reaction of cars blowing up, so I quickly did a U-turn to head the other direction, I lived. Then the next time I stepped out of the building, I didn't see a plane, but heard another series of explosions(plane blows and then cars blow) as before, it must have been another plane!


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I put in the cars can fly and cars drive on water cheats. i took a tank andpurposely sunk it with me in it so i could drive underwater. I drove all the way to the bottom of the ocean and when i got to the floor i went through the it and under the world. It got pitch black dark and then after about 5 seconds it gave me a loading screen and it warped me up onto Mt. Chiliad. Could this be another possible way to enter the hell?

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In vertical bird, destroyed 2 planes, 1 remaining, I took off, flew away and the one supposed to follow me flew and crashed somewhere is san fierro tounge.gif, I didnt do anything at all, not even dodging or flying below bridges, wasnt even done with the takeoff tounge.gif
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lucky u cool.gif


but i prefer not to blow up none it's REAL FUN to fight all three Hydras this one was probably funniest mission in whole game


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I was doing the key to her heart mission when after i left the sex shop i go out to the car and i hear a plane over head then it gets louder and sure enough it explodes and i die. mad.gifcryani.gif

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my biggest wtf was when i was runnin from the cops with a 5 star wanted level on the traintrack and you know in SF they have those barricade thinngs at the station across from the garage....i hit one of those and my bike got stuck under it..i tried gettin back on but CJ did nothing..it was like the bike wasent even there...it might ot sound funny..but it was lmao

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You remember the last quarry mission?


I just finished pulling the body and the bike into the crane area and was walking towards the crane as a plane goes down, crashes right into my truck and blows it up.


Mission Failed.



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I used tow trucks to make a really long of trucks towed one by each other 15 or so biggrin.gif Then I took them someplace in Red County and found a pretty steep hill into river and drove off it. When First 6 cars where over side a Roadtrain crashed into me and I just hang there cool.gifcool.gifcool.gif Trying to steer swang my car until it disattched from others and I fell into water with my car. Then I thought it was over sarcasm.gif Guess again Just as I got out of my car to swim away all the other cars fell and tackled me :smilie with headache: It was pretty shallow so I got stuck under one of those cars and I drowned sneaky2.gif


Then one time I went to highest building in LS and parachuted off and while I fell one plane came right at me happy.gif Of course it was impossible for plane to hit me (but it missed me 5in)so it crashed into building and the leftovers fell down (again - 5in between me and plane)

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my wtf moment


i was mucking around climbing stuff when i climbed this one house and as soon as i climbed it i was crushed it pissed me off heaps i lost my guns nooooo



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i threw a grenade in front of me, walked under it, waited a second, then it exploded, but it was funny, i didnt die, i got hurt and cj made that "ugh" sound, but he just flew up in the air then back on the ground as if nothin happened, notta wtf but bla, funny stuffs

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i had 1 more happen 2 me just yesterday...i was driving in one of the hick towns in the country when i saw a lady on a bike...i hit her in my farm truck (lol) so i could have the bike n then she fell off and i got on she stole my truck like it was hers! she dident freak out or anything she just hopped in and waited for me to get out of the rode and she drove off....

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I was in Las Venturas and I caused a pileup on the highway. Then I got a star for hurting someone near a cop. So the cop is chasing after me, after a while the star goes away and he's just walking about on the highway. Then after a few minutse he steals a car! I think it was alerady empty, but he just got in and tried to drive (the car was stuck on the barrier that divides the two sides of the highway). Furthermore, I shot at his car, and he acted like a normal pedestrian, trying urgently to drive like he was scared. Then I yanked him out of his car, and THEN I get a star and he chases me again. W T G F

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this is not realy WTF....


I used the "real speed mod" grab a NRG, going to the top of mount chilliad, I tried to jump from there


I stopped at the highest peak, set the course, 3...2...1 go!


because of the "real speed mod" that NRG was so fast that I couldn't see ahead well


I saw a wall but before I could hit the brakes my bike crashed in to the wall and send CJ far to the air


I had no parachute so I thought CJ would be wasted, but WTF after he fell he was still alive with 0 health (according to the health bar, it was bliping)I got 150 health at the start.......



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lol.gif Very funny stuff here just read the whole thread colgate.gif


I hereby present this highly sought after award to you all biggrin.gif


user posted image


Enjoy alien.gif

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One time I was in San Fierro and modded out an Elegy to make it really sweet when I stopped real fast to pickup a weapon when all of a sudden some guy comes and just jacks my car right in front of me, I couldn't get back to the car in time and im pissed and chase after him until I can no longer see him, anyway about 10 minutes in real time later, Im in battery point btw lol, And all of a sudden that car the guy with my car comes speeding right at me and I jump out of the way and he hit a house and gets stuck right there when I find out he was being chased after by the cops, anyway he gets out and runs away and the cops shoot him and I get my car back, it was pretty damn funny.

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