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[REL] SA Vehicle Editor v1.0


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Hi guys, with my recent release of Co-Ordinator with it's funky interface i decided to finish of my vehicle editor in that style too. I will be releasing it shortly soon after i have finished designing my site which i will have all my GTA tools on. So if anyone can host my site with some good control panel that would be nice. Add me to msn at [email protected]


Here is a preview of the editor.


user posted image


There is one thing though, there is a car picture feature available, but because there are so many cars and i want to make the file as small as possible i've left it to the user to take pictures of the cars so they can add it themselfs. This is good because it allows mods who change cars to put pictures of their own cars there to remind them. All you need to do is place a 137x137 pixel size gif image of the vehicle into the image folder named the name of the vehicle but in the exact same name as it's called in the handling file.


For example, the police bike is called HPV1000 in the handling file. So in the images folder you create an image which is called HPV1000.gif which is 137 pixes by 137 pixes in size.


Comments and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.




Download now available:


Edited by REspawn
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well, it's certainly different smile.gif


looking forward to trying this one

perhaps there will be vehicle photo add-on packs made by

those who use the program


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A little more contrast wouldn't hurt ... I have to highlight the text or lean in close to read it ...

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Try turning down your brightness because it's been tested on over 10 different computers and it's fine.

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Well, it looks like a nice program, but it's incomplete. When will someone write a vehicle editor that lists all the extra handling properties for bikes, helis, etc?


...and descriptions for what some properties do/effect wouldn't hurt either...especially the goddamn handling flags.


BTW, what makes vehicles do more damage to other vehicles? Collion Damage Multiplier is only the damage the vehicle takes, isn't it? Is it the weight then? Turn mass? The Dumper/Monster trucks seem to do a lot more damage to vehicles than driving a car into them.


and saving 1 car at a time sucks. Why not save the whole file like the editors for Vice/GTA3 did? Some of us tend to edit more than one car at a time and forget to save each.



Edited by Viper187
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Some things that annoyed me about it...


  • The vehicles NEED to be listed in vehicle type, and then alphabetical order
  • The text description is a little too hard to read, contrast should be increased.
  • Possibly a guide to what each part of the program does? (eg. What does the front headlights box do?)
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The program 'flashes' when changing tabs or vehicles. This is an draw-refresh issue that can be resolved by 'locking' the program, loading the required images, the unlocking it. The whole process occurs in a matter of milliseconds and thus the user using the program does not notice the lock.
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very nice to see our conversation helped, im happy that this is real now! very awesome.

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You can visit my site in the link to download the program if the above link is down.

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Paul (The Cheater)

Another vote for a more contrast and also for an explanation of the flags.


Otherwise it looks a great program.


When I choose a vehicle from the drop down list on the right, the name shown in the left part of this window doesn't match.


user posted image



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Paul, it works fine for me, also, you need to have either an un-modified handling.cfg or a handling.cfg without the car lines mixed about, or things like that will happen.

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Is it possiblr to make the hydra come after anything when you have 4 stars? or is that in the mission script.

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