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Playing God (Ped mod all types (ps2 code

Recommended Posts

Well i told u all it would be here and now it is .. thanks to Edison for finding the button cheat ped spot and now i have found the All ped section as well


so now here u go .. Change the peds to what ever u would like ..


I left the values how they are normaly each line carys 2 peds ..

the 07d0 is a blank u can fill them in if u want .


so all values are in this format


0???0??? = put 2 ped digits in



Every day peds



206A1690 001b0023

206A1694 00320099

206A1698 07d00047

206A169C 07d007d0

206A16A0 07d007d0

206A16A4 07d007d0

206A16A8 07d007d0

206A16AC 07d007d0

206A16B0 07d007d0

206A16B4 07d007d0



206A16B8 001b07d0

206A16BC 00470099

206A16C0 002300ea

206A16C4 07d007d0

206A16C8 07d007d0

206A16CC 07d007d0

206A16D0 07d007d0

206A16D4 07d007d0

206A16D8 07d007d0

206A16DC 07d007d0

206A16E0 07d007d0



206A16E4 0099001b

206A16E8 00470023

206A16EC 07d000b6

206A16F0 07d007d0

206A16F4 07d007d0

206A16F8 07d007d0

206A16FC 07d007d0

206A1700 07d007d0

206A1704 07d007d0

206A1708 07d007d0



206A170C 001407d0

206A1710 00940011

206A1714 0014000c

206A1718 0028000c

206A171C 0028002e

206A1720 003b002e

206A1724 008d003b

206A1728 0062005b

206A172C 00960093

206A1730 07d007d0

206A1734 07d007d0



206A173C 001100bb

206A1740 00db0094

206A1748 0028002e

206A174C 00ba002e

206A1750 008d00ba

206A1754 00f000d8

206A1758 00960093

206A175C 07d007d0



206A1760 001407d0

206A1764 00940011

206A1768 0014000c

206A176C 0028000c

206A1770 0028002e

206A1774 003b002e

206A1778 005b003b

206A177C 00930062

206A1780 07d00096

206A1784 07d007d0

206A1788 07d007d0



206A178C 0014000c

206A1790 003a0016

206A1794 0038003c

206A1798 005d0065

206A179C 002e0028

206A17A0 005b003b

206A17A4 00a40062

206A17A8 07d007d0

206A17AC 07d007d0

206A17B0 07d007d0



206A17B4 004807d0

206A17B8 008e0049

206A17BC 003c00e5

206A17C0 00bc00e2

206A17C4 00db00e9

206A17CC 00ba002e

206A17D0 00f000d8

206A17D4 07d000a4

206A17D8 07d007d0

206A17DC 07d007d0



206A17E0 003a0016

206A17E4 0038003c

206A17E8 005d0065

206A17EC 0014000c

206A17F0 002e0028

206A17F4 005b003b

206A17F8 00a40062

206A17FC 07d007d0

206A1800 07d007d0

206A1804 07d007d0



206A1808 00c407d0

206A1810 009d00c7

206A1814 009f009e

206A1818 00a100a0

206A181C 00c800a2

206A1820 07d007d0

206A1824 07d007d0

206A1828 07d007d0

206A182C 07d007d0

206A1830 07d007d0



206A1834 0012008b

206A1838 002d008c

206A183C 009a008a

206A1840 0063005c

206A1844 07d000fb

206A1848 07d007d0

206A184C 07d007d0

206A1850 07d007d0

206A1854 07d007d0

206A1858 07d007d0



206A185C 006007d0

206A1860 001a005a

206A1864 00340033

206A1868 008c008b

206A186C 07d007d0

206A1870 07d007d0

206A1874 07d007d0

206A1878 07d007d0

206A187C 07d007d0

206A1880 07d007d0

206A1884 07d007d0



206A1888 00490048

206A188C 005a0060

206A1890 0033001a

206A1894 07d00034

206A1898 07d007d0

206A189C 07d007d0

206A18A0 07d007d0

206A18A4 07d007d0

206A18A8 07d007d0

206A18AC 07d007d0



206A18B0 006007d0

206A18B4 001a005a

206A18B8 00340033

206A18BC 008b008a

206A18C0 07d007d0

206A18C4 07d007d0

206A18C8 07d007d0

206A18CC 07d007d0

206A18D0 07d007d0

206A18D4 07d007d0

206A18D8 07d007d0



206A18DC 000c0009

206A18E4 00280026

206A18E8 002e002b

206A18F4 0062005b

206A18F8 0058005e

206A18FC 00960093

206A1900 07d007d0



206A1904 00d707d0

206A1908 00dd00db

206A1910 002b0028

206A1914 00e0002e

206A1918 00e400ba

206A191C 00d800a9

206A1920 00eb00f0

206A1924 009300e7

206A1928 07d00096

206A192C 07d007d0



206A1930 000c0009

206A1938 00280026

206A193C 002e002b

206A1948 0062005b

206A194C 0058005e

206A1950 00960093

206A1954 07d000bd




206A1958 001307d0

206A195C 0016000d

206A1960 003a000a

206A1964 003c0038

206A1968 00300029

206A196C 005d002c

206A1970 005f0065

206A1974 00f200f1

206A1978 07d007d0

206A197C 07d007d0

206A1980 07d007d0



206A1984 004500de

206A198C 00aa00e2

206A1990 00300029

206A1994 00e9002c

206A1998 005f00bc

206A199C 07d007d0

206A19A0 07d007d0

206A19A4 07d007d0

206A19A8 07d007d0



206A19AC 000d07d0

206A19B0 003a0016

206A19B4 003c0038

206A19B8 00300029

206A19BC 005d002c

206A19C0 005f0065

206A19C4 07d007d0

206A19C8 07d007d0

206A19CC 07d007d0

206A19D0 07d007d0

206A19D4 07d007d0



206A19D8 0016000d

206A19DC 0013004f

206A19E0 0029000f

206A19E4 002c0030

206A19E8 003c0027

206A19EC 00360038

206A19F0 0038003a

206A19F4 005d003c

206A19F8 0065005d

206A19FC 0059005f

206A1A08 00e200aa

206A1A0C 00e500e1

206A1A10 00aa00e2

206A1A14 00ec00e9

206A1A18 004800e8

206A1A1C 00860049

206A1A20 0087004d

206A1A24 00880089

206A1A28 00e600ef

206A1A30 0016000d

206A1A34 00300029

206A1A38 0027002c

206A1A3C 0038003c

206A1A40 003a0036

206A1A44 003c0038

206A1A48 005d005d

206A1A4C 005f0065

206A1A50 00d500d4



206A1A54 003f07d0

206A1A58 00980040

206A1A5C 07d000f3

206A1A60 07d007d0

206A1A64 07d007d0

206A1A68 07d007d0

206A1A6C 07d007d0

206A1A70 07d007d0

206A1A74 07d007d0

206A1A78 07d007d0

206A1A7C 07d007d0



206A1A80 00ee004b

206A1A84 07d000ed

206A1A88 07d007d0

206A1A8C 07d007d0

206A1A90 07d007d0

206A1A94 07d007d0

206A1A98 07d007d0

206A1A9C 07d007d0

206A1AA0 07d007d0

206A1AA4 07d007d0



206A1AA8 005507d0

206A1AB0 07d007d0

206A1AB4 07d007d0

206A1AB8 07d007d0

206A1ABC 07d007d0

206A1AC0 07d007d0

206A1AC4 07d007d0

206A1AC8 07d007d0

206A1ACC 07d007d0

206A1AD0 07d007d0



206A1AD8 07d00064

206A1ADC 07d007d0

206A1AE0 07d007d0

206A1AE4 07d007d0

206A1AE8 07d007d0

206A1AEC 07d007d0

206A1AF0 07d007d0

206A1AF4 07d007d0

206A1AF8 07d007d0



206A1AFC 008f07d0

206A1B00 00fa00df

206A1B04 07d007d0

206A1B08 07d007d0

206A1B0C 07d007d0

206A1B10 07d007d0

206A1B14 07d007d0

206A1B18 07d007d0

206A1B1C 07d007d0

206A1B20 07d007d0

206A1B24 07d007d0



206A1B2C 07d000b5

206A1B30 07d007d0

206A1B34 07d007d0

206A1B38 07d007d0

206A1B3C 07d007d0

206A1B40 07d007d0

206A1B44 07d007d0

206A1B48 07d007d0

206A1B4C 07d007d0



206A1B50 002407d0

206A1B54 07d00025

206A1B58 07d007d0

206A1B5C 07d007d0

206A1B60 07d007d0

206A1B64 07d007d0

206A1B68 07d007d0

206A1B6C 07d007d0

206A1B70 07d007d0

206A1B74 07d007d0

206A1B78 07d007d0



206A1B80 00230019

206A1B84 07d007d0

206A1B88 07d007d0

206A1B8C 07d007d0

206A1B90 07d007d0

206A1B94 07d007d0

206A1B98 07d007d0

206A1B9C 07d007d0

206A1BA0 07d007d0



206A1BA4 00bd07d0

206A1BA8 00190018

206A1BAC 07d00023

206A1BB0 07d007d0

206A1BB4 07d007d0

206A1BB8 07d007d0

206A1BBC 07d007d0

206A1BC0 07d007d0

206A1BC4 07d007d0

206A1BC8 07d007d0

206A1BCC 07d007d0



206A1BD4 00230019

206A1BD8 07d007d0

206A1BDC 07d007d0

206A1BE0 07d007d0

206A1BE4 07d007d0

206A1BE8 07d007d0

206A1BEC 07d007d0

206A1BF0 07d007d0

206A1BF4 07d007d0



206A1BF8 001007d0

206A1C00 07d007d0

206A1C04 07d007d0

206A1C08 07d007d0

206A1C0C 07d007d0

206A1C10 07d007d0

206A1C14 07d007d0

206A1C18 07d007d0

206A1C1C 07d007d0

206A1C20 07d007d0



206A1C24 003d0010

206A1C28 07d0004c

206A1C2C 07d007d0

206A1C30 07d007d0

206A1C34 07d007d0

206A1C38 07d007d0

206A1C3C 07d007d0

206A1C40 07d007d0

206A1C44 07d007d0

206A1C48 07d007d0



206A1C4C 001007d0

206A1C54 07d007d0

206A1C58 07d007d0

206A1C5C 07d007d0

206A1C60 07d007d0

206A1C64 07d007d0

206A1C68 07d007d0

206A1C6C 07d007d0

206A1C70 07d007d0

206A1C74 07d007d0



206A1C78 07d00013

206A1C7C 07d007d0

206A1C80 07d007d0

206A1C84 07d007d0

206A1C88 07d007d0

206A1C8C 07d007d0

206A1C90 07d007d0

206A1C94 07d007d0

206A1C98 07d007d0

206A1C9C 07d007d0



206A1CA0 001307d0

206A1CA4 07d007d0

206A1CA8 07d007d0

206A1CAC 07d007d0

206A1CB0 07d007d0

206A1CB4 07d007d0

206A1CB8 07d007d0

206A1CBC 07d007d0

206A1CC0 07d007d0

206A1CC4 07d007d0

206A1CC8 07d007d0



206A1CCC 00530052

206A1CD0 07d00054

206A1CD4 07d007d0

206A1CD8 07d007d0

206A1CDC 07d007d0

206A1CE0 07d007d0

206A1CE4 07d007d0

206A1CE8 07d007d0

206A1CEC 07d007d0

206A1CF0 07d007d0



206A1CF4 001b07d0

206A1CF8 00320099

206A1CFC 07d007d0

206A1D00 07d007d0

206A1D04 07d007d0

206A1D08 07d007d0

206A1D0C 07d007d0

206A1D10 07d007d0

206A1D14 07d007d0

206A1D18 07d007d0

206A1D1C 07d007d0



206A1D20 0097001f

206A1D24 002000c9

206A1D28 00220021

206A1D2C 008100ca

206A1D30 00830082

206A1D34 00850084

206A1D38 07d00080

206A1D3C 07d007d0

206A1D40 07d007d0

206A1D44 07d007d0



206A1D48 001007d0

206A1D50 07d007d0

206A1D54 07d007d0

206A1D58 07d007d0

206A1D5C 07d007d0

206A1D60 07d007d0

206A1D64 07d007d0

206A1D68 07d007d0

206A1D6C 07d007d0

206A1D70 07d007d0


Gang 1 (BALLAS - Rival Black Gang - AKA FLATS)

206A1D74 00670066

206A1D78 07d00068

206A1D7C 07d007d0

206A1D80 07d007d0

206A1D84 07d007d0

206A1D88 07d007d0

206A1D8C 07d007d0

206A1D90 07d007d0

206A1D94 07d007d0

206A1D98 07d007d0



206A1D9C 006907d0

206A1DA0 006b006a

206A1DA4 07d007d0

206A1DA8 07d007d0

206A1DAC 07d007d0

206A1DB0 07d007d0

206A1DB4 07d007d0

206A1DB8 07d007d0

206A1DBC 07d007d0

206A1DC0 07d007d0

206A1DC4 07d007d0


Gang 3 ( Los Santos Vagos - AKA Northside Mexicans)

206A1DC8 006d006c

206A1DCC 07d0006e

206A1DD0 07d007d0

206A1DD4 07d007d0

206A1DD8 07d007d0

206A1DDC 07d007d0

206A1DE0 07d007d0

206A1DE4 07d007d0

206A1DE8 07d007d0

206A1DEC 07d007d0


Gang 4 (San Fiero Rifa - proper models SFR1, SFR2, SFR3)

206A1DF0 00ad07d0

206A1DF4 00af00ae

206A1DF8 07d007d0

206A1DFC 07d007d0

206A1E00 07d007d0

206A1E04 07d007d0

206A1E08 07d007d0

206A1E0C 07d007d0

206A1E10 07d007d0

206A1E14 07d007d0

206A1E18 07d007d0


Gang 5 (Da Nang Boys - AKA Vietnamese)

206A1E20 07d0007b

206A1E24 07d007d0

206A1E28 07d007d0

206A1E2C 07d007d0

206A1E30 07d007d0

206A1E34 07d007d0

206A1E38 07d007d0

206A1E3C 07d007d0

206A1E40 07d007d0



206A1E44 007c07d0

206A1E4C 07d0007f

206A1E50 07d007d0

206A1E54 07d007d0

206A1E58 07d007d0

206A1E5C 07d007d0

206A1E60 07d007d0

206A1E64 07d007d0

206A1E68 07d007d0

206A1E6C 07d007d0


Gang 7 (TRIADS)

206A1E74 07d00078

206A1E78 07d007d0

206A1E7C 07d007d0

206A1E80 07d007d0

206A1E84 07d007d0

206A1E88 07d007d0

206A1E8C 07d007d0

206A1E90 07d007d0

206A1E94 07d007d0


Gang 8 (Varrio Los Aztecas

206A1E98 007207d0

206A1E9C 00740073

206A1EA0 07d007d0

206A1EA4 07d007d0

206A1EA8 07d007d0

206A1EAC 07d007d0

206A1EB0 07d007d0

206A1EB4 07d007d0

206A1EB8 07d007d0

206A1EBC 07d007d0


Gang 9

206A1EC0 07d007d0

206A1EC4 00730072

206A1EC8 07d00074

206A1ECC 07d007d0

206A1ED0 07d007d0

206A1ED4 07d007d0

206A1ED8 07d007d0

206A1EDC 07d007d0

206A1EE0 07d007d0

206A1EE4 07d007d0

206A1EE8 07d007d0


Gang 10

206A1EEC 007207d0

206A1EF0 00740073

206A1EF4 07d007d0

206A1EF8 07d007d0

206A1EFC 07d007d0

206A1F00 07d007d0

206A1F04 07d007d0

206A1F08 07d007d0

206A1F0C 07d007d0

206A1F10 07d007d0

206A1F14 07d007d0



206A1F18 001d001c

206A1F1C 00fe001e

206A1F20 07d007d0

206A1F24 07d007d0

206A1F28 07d007d0

206A1F2C 07d007d0

206A1F30 07d007d0

206A1F34 07d007d0

206A1F38 07d007d0

206A1F3C 07d007d0

206A1F40 009307d0



206A1F44 07d00011

206A1F48 07d007d0

206A1F4C 07d007d0

206A1F50 07d007d0

206A1F54 07d007d0

206A1F58 07d007d0

206A1F5C 07d007d0

206A1F60 07d007d0

206A1F64 07d007d0

206A1F68 07d007d0


Office workers

206A1F6C 00960093

206A1F70 0011008d

206A1F74 07d00094

206A1F78 07d007d0

206A1F7C 07d007d0

206A1F80 07d007d0

206A1F84 07d007d0

206A1F88 07d007d0

206A1F8C 07d007d0

206A1F90 07d007d0



206A1F94 001107d0

206A1F9C 0048003a

206A1FA0 07d007d0

206A1FA4 07d007d0

206A1FA8 07d007d0

206A1FAC 07d007d0

206A1FB0 07d007d0

206A1FB4 07d007d0

206A1FB8 07d007d0

206A1FBC 07d007d0



206A1FC0 005d005b

206A1FC4 005b0029

206A1FC8 008d0094

206A1FCC 07d0000c

206A1FD0 07d007d0

206A1FD4 07d007d0

206A1FD8 07d007d0

206A1FDC 07d007d0

206A1FE0 07d007d0

206A1FE4 07d007d0

206A1FE8 000007d0



Cheat code peds


Elvis Cheat

2064A7B0 00000052 Elvis 1

2064A7B4 00000053 Elvis 2

2064A7B8 00000054 Elvis 3

2064A7BC fffffffe

2064A7C0 fffffffe

2064A7C4 fffffffe

2064A7C8 fffffffe

2064A7CC fffffffe




2064A7D0 0000001b White construction worker

2064A7D4 000000a1 Farm guy with country hat and plaid shirt

2064A7D8 0000011f ARMY

2064A7DC 0000011c Los Santos Bike Cop

2064A7E0 000000f8 Long haired white guy in black leather jacket, black pants, goatee

2064A7E4 fffffffe

2064A7E8 fffffffe

2064A7EC fffffffe


Beach Cheat

2064A7F0 00000012 Black man, shirtless, orange shorts

2064A7F4 0000002d Surfer dude in green shorts

2064A7F8 0000008a White girl in sky blue bikini

2064A7FC 0000008b Black girl in yellow bikini

2064A800 0000008c Tan girl in orange bikini

2064A804 fffffffe

2064A808 fffffffe

2064A80C fffffffe


Gangs Cheat

2064A860 00000066 Ballas

2064A864 00000067 Ballas

2064A868 00000068 Ballas

2064A86C 00000069 GSF

2064A870 0000006a GSF

2064A874 0000006c LSV gang

2064A878 0000006d LSV gang

2064A87C 0000006e LSV gang

2064A884 00000076 Triad guys

2064A888 00000078 Triad guys

2064A88C fffffffe

2064A890 fffffffe

2064A894 fffffffe

2064A898 fffffffe

2064A89C fffffffe


Gimpsute Cheat

2064A8A0 000000f9 Guy in long orange brown cape

2064A8A4 0000003f Black prostitute

2064A8A8 00000040 Hispanic prostitute

2064A8AC 0000004b Prostitute

2064A8B0 000000ee Black prostitute in all red, skanky outfit

2064A8B8 000000cf Prostitute in green bras and black skirt


Fun house cheat

2064A8C0 000000a7 Cluckin' Bell Cock guy

2064A8C4 000000cd Burger Shot chubby lady

2064A8C8 00000108 Fun House' clown

2064A8CC fffffffe

2064A8D0 fffffffe

2064A8D4 fffffffe

2064A8D8 fffffffe

2064A8DC fffffffe


Country Side/sh*t cars cheat

2064A920 000000c4 Old farm woman in light olive green shirt and brown plaid skirt

2064A928 000000c6 Farm lady in country hat, shirt with 'Ranch' in center, blue jeans

2064A92C 0000009d Farm girl with green shirt and blue jeans

2064A930 0000009e Farm guy with straw hat and overalls

2064A934 0000009f Farm guy overalls and red hat

2064A938 000000a0 Farm guy with beard and blad head

2064A93C 000000a1 Farm guy with country hat and plaid shirt

2064A940 000000c8 Farm guy with beard and tank top




-=Ped Digits=- (Thanks Alushun For Finishing the list Credit to u )


Ped Digits (Bolded ones were the ones that were already listed before I made this list)

Replace ??? with one of the following

000 = CJ (Main player Don't work)

001 = Undetermined but does not freeze game

002 = Freezes game

003 = Freezes game

004 = Freezes game

005 = Freezes game

006 = Freezes game

007 = Black guy in grey hoodie and blue jeans

008 = Freezes game

009 = Black woman in Indian red business suit

00A = Old fat black woman in dark red sweater and large brown skirt

00B = Black lady croupier

00C = Black lady in yellow choker and black dress club outfit

00D = Black woman in black jersey number 31, blue jeans, brown hat

00E = Black man in Hawaiian shirt and brown pants

00F = Black man in purple and grey plaid shirt and blue jeans

010 = Black man in orange vest, gray pants, black sweater, and black cap

011 = Black man in black suit with a red tie

012 = Black man, shirtless, orange shorts

013 = Black guy shirtless in red hat, red jeans, chain

014 = Cuba Gooding Jr. in black and yellow suit

015 = Black carjacker in navy blue polo shirt and low shorts, chains

016 = Black guy in orange jersey jacket

017 = White guy black cap backwards, grey shirt, long johns, beige shorts

018 = Black guy in navy blue sweatshirt and blue jeans, blue cap

019 = Black guy in black vest and white sweater, blue jeans

01A = Camper

01B = White construction worker

01C = Drug dealer 1

01D = Drug dealer 2

01E = Drug dealer 3

01F = Farm woman in white shirt and hat

020 = Farm guy with blue shirt , brown pants

021 = Guy in huge black cape

022 = Cowboy

023 = Tourist in pink shirt

024 = Tourist in cream shirt

025 = Tourist in light blue shirt

026 = Tourist in white shirt

027 = Old fat Hispanic woman

028 = Black lady in a red party club dress, black heels

029 = Hispanic girl in all sky blue outfit, sky blue sun hat

02A = Freezes game

02B = Old white guy in black and purple shirt, sunglasses

02C = Hispanic guy in blue checkered shirt

02D = Surfer dude in green shorts

02E = Guy in white long sleeved shirt, blue pants

02F = Carjacker

030 = Hispanic guy in blue striped shirt, sunglasses

031 = Marital arts trainer

032 = Mechanic

033 = Bicycle rider in yellow sleeveless shirt

034 = Bicycle rider in white shirt

035 = Old woman in brown Hawaiian shirt and hat

036 = Old fat woman in dark brown shirt and brown skirt

037 = Lady in black party club dress, long hair

038 = Asian girl in green tanktop, black skirt, bandaged left arm

039 = Guy in black suit and glasses

03A = Guy in plaid Indian red shirt and blue jeans

03B = Asian guy in brown striped shirt and black pants

03C = Guy in brown sweater, blue jeans

03D = Pilot

03E = Old white guy in sky blue outfit

03F = Black prostitute

040 = Hispanic prostitute

041 = Freezes game

042 = Black guy in dark blue vest and white sweater

043 = Black guy in white sweater, blue jeans, red bandanna

044 = Old white guy in all black suit

045 = Black girl in all blue outfit, tanktop

046 = Lab scientist, Area 69 worker

047 = Port Authority Officer

048 = White guy in pony tail and blue checkered shirt

049 = White guy in blue bandanna, brown shirt, camo pants

04A = Freezes game

04B = Prostitute

04C = Black lady in aqua blue business suit

04D = Woman in country hat, long lseeved brown shirt, light brown skirt

04E = Homeless guy in red checkered shirt, blue jeans, green beanie

04F = Black guy in combat jacket, blue jeans, and beanie

050 = Boxer trainer 1

051 = Boxer trainer 2

052 = Elvis 1

053 = Elvis 2

054 = Elvis 3

055 = Prostitute

056 = Freezes game

057 = Stripper with Flower In Hair

058 = Old woman in red collar shirt, white brownish shorts

059 = Old woman in all blue dress

05A = Female jogger

05B = ‘Basic Instinct’ girl

05C = Female roller blader in bikinis

05D = British lady in black shirt and tight blue jeans

05E = Old white guy in white collar shirt and blue shorts

05F = Old white guy in cream shirt and blue jeans

060 = Male jogger

061 = Shirtless jogger

062 = Guy in black vest and white collar shirt

063 = White guy in a helmet, sunglasses, goatee, white and black shirt

064 = White guy in beard, sunglasses, black shirt and chain, wristbands, and low shorts

065 = Kurtis Cobain

066 = Ballas

067 = Ballas

068 = Ballas

069 = GSF

06A = GSF

06B = GSF

06C = LSV gang

06D = LSV gang

06E = LSV gang

06F = Mafia guys

070 = Mafia guys

071 = Mafia guys

072 = Aztecas

073 = Aztecas

074 = Aztecas

075 = Triad guys

076 = Triad guys

077 = Freezes game

078 = Triad guys

079 = Da Nang guys

07A = Da Nang guys

07B = Da Nang guys

07C = Mafia 2

07D = Mafia 2

07E = Mafia 2

07F = Mafia 2

080 = Indian guy in long hair and shirt with ‘Ranch’ in middle

081 = Old woman in brown dress with large skirt

082 = Old fat woman in dark green and brown dress. Pigtails

083 = Black girl, cap backwards, pigtails, brown top, blue jeans

084 = Old white guy with red headband and cream shirt

085 = White guy with red cap, brown shirt, blue jeans

086 = Homeless guy chewing a stick, cap backwards, dirty shirt

087 = White guy in red jacket, olive green beanie, gray shorts

088 = Homeless guy in colored beanie, gray sweater, red pants w/ stripes

089 = Box Head

08A = White girl in sky blue bikini

08B = Black girl in yellow bikini

08C = Tan girl in orange bikini

08D = Asian girl in business suit

08E = Black guy in colorful African garments

08F = Carjacker in blue jacket and beige pants

090 = Black guy in black jersey and dust mask.

091 = White girl with pasties and bikini and dustmask

092 = White guy shirtless, dust mask, and shorts

093 = Bearded guy in a grey suit

094 = Woman in aqua green outfit

095 = Freezes game

096 = Woman in dark bluish purple outfit

097 = Chubby woman in olive green shirt, blue skirt, sunglasses

098 = Prostitute

099 = Guy in a dark grey necktie suy and a white helmet

09A = Shirtless white guy with blue shorts

09B = Well Stacked Pizza guy

09C = Guy in light blue shirt with long johns

09D = Farm girl with green shirt and blue jeans

09E = Farm guy with straw hat and overalls

09F = Farm guy overalls and red hat

0A0 = Farm guy with beard and blad head

0A1 = Farm guy with country hat and plaid shirt

0A2 = Freaky looking shirtless farm guy

0A3 = Black bodyguard with headset

0A4 = White bodyguard with headset

0A5 = White bodyguard with sunglasses

0A6 = Black bodyguard with sunglasses

0A7 = Cluckin’ Bell Cock guy

0A8 = Hot dog vendor

0A9 = Asian girl in casual black outfit

0AA = White guy in black long johns and red shirt

0AB = Croupier

0AC = Casino lady bartender

0AD = Rifa

0AE = Rifa

0AF = Rifa

0B0 = Barber 1

0B1 = Barber 2

0B2 = Stripper in Cat Girl Outfit

0B3 = Ammunation gun dealer

0B4 = Tattoo shop owner

0B5 = Carjacker with mohawk hairstyle

0B6 = Black guy in aqua green sweater and blue short. Taxi driver

0B7 = Black guy in dread locks with grey plaid shirt and gray pants

0B8 = Carjacker in white and blue striped shirt

0B9 = Will Smith in purple shirt and black pants

0BA = Asian guy in brown business suit

0BB = White guy in blue striped suit with a red tie

0BC = White guy in light green shirt and blue jeans

0BD = Valet







0C4 = Old farm woman in light olive green shirt and brown plaid skirt

0C5 = Old farm woman in red hood, green tank top, and red plaid skirt

0C6 = Farm lady in country hat, shirt with ‘Ranch’ in center, blue jeans

0C7 = Farm lady in pink, flower outfit

0C8 = Farm guy with beard and tank top

0C9 = Farm lady in plaid vest

0CA = White guy in with grey shirt, black cap, and blue jeans

0CB = Marital Arts trainee 1

0CC = Marital Arts trainee 2

0CD = Burger Shot chubby lady

0CE = White guy in olive green short shirt, and blue jeans, goatee

0CF = Prostitute in green bras and black skirt

0D0 = Freezes game

0D1 = Freaky old man in red collar shirt, brown pants

0D2 = White man in light blue plaid collar shirt, black pants

0D3 = Clothing store staff lady

0D4 = Guy in brown sweater and blue jeans

0D5 = Guy in all grey outfit

0D6 = Waitress

0D7 = Black lady in yello and white outfit, yellow hat

0D8 = Club girl in all purple outfit

0D9 = Pro Laps staff

0DA = Old fat black woman with red vest, pink sweater, plaid skirt

0DB = Black lady in all red business casual outift

0DC = Caribbean taxi driver

0DD = Black bearded guy in white shirt

0DE = Black guy in black shirt with brown patterns on lower end, blue jeans, goatee

0DF = Carjacker in purple pink long sleeved shirt, gray pants

0E0 = Lady in black flowered shirt, black short pants, heels, and ponytail

0E1 = Lady in purplish flowered shirt, light blue jeans, ponytail, sneakers

0E2 = Asian girl in long black hair, purple tanktop, dark grey skirt, heavily clothed feet

0E3 = Old half bald man in dark blue suit with blue tie

0E4 = Asian businessman in black suit, red tie

0E5 = Old Asian man in white Hawaiian shirt, dark blue jeans, half bald

0E6 = Black homeless guy in dark blue hoody, wooden board around neck with words 'WILL WORK FOR POT'

0E7 = Old farm woman in green shirt, red plaid skirt, short ponytail

0E8 = Chubby woman in red plaid long sleeved shirt, tan and red skirt, brown stockings, brown hair

0E9 = Tan girl in white tight shirt, tight blue jeans with huge belt, black shoes

0EA = Taxi driver. Cream shirt with dots, sunglasses, blue jeans, brown shoes

0EB = Old with man in flower cream shirt, beige pants, brown shoes, half bald

0EC = Old white man in grey hair, moustache, green checkered shirt, brown pants, black shoes

0ED = Hispanic prostitute in leopard skin top, short black skirt, keen high boots

0EE = Black prostitute in all red, skanky outfit

0EF = Homeless guy, beard, brown orange coat plaid,torn blue jeans with red tie, red scarf, black shoes

0F0 = White guy in black vest, white shirt, black pants, brown shoes

0F1 = Black guy huge afro, tattooed chest, black shirt, blue shorts, sunglasses

0F2 = Tattoed Hispanic guy in black hat, sunglasses, white tanktop, black shorts, black shoes

0F3 = Prostitute in red top, black skirt, black boots

0F4 = Undetermined but does not freeze game

0F5 = Black chubby prostitute, white top, red skirt, red shoes

0F6 = Stripper in Cop Outfit

0F7 = White guy in black vest, black jeans, biker boots, black beanie, brown beard

0F8 = Long haired white guy in black leather jacket, black pants, goatee

0F9 = Guy in long orange brown cape

0FA = Carjacker

0FB = White girl in red bathing suit

0FC = Shirtless guy in red polka dot boxers

0FD = Train station attendant

0FE = Drug dealer

0FF = Limosine driver

100 = Stripper in Schoolgirl Outfit

101 = Stripper

102 = Fat white guy in gray plaid shirt and beige shorts

103 = Fat white guy in blue plaid shirt and beige shorts

104 = Black construction worker

105 = White guy in blue checkered shirt and cap

106 = Black taxi driver

107 = Waitress

108 = ‘Fun House’ clown

109 = Freezes game

10A = Freezes game

10B = Freezes game

10C = Freezes game

10D = Freezes game

10E = Freezes game

10F = Freezes game

110 = Freezes game

111 = Freezes game

112 = Los Santos Emergency Unit

113 = Las Venturas Emergency Unit

114 = San Firro Emergency Unit

115 = Los Santos Fire Department

116 = Las Venturas Fire Department

117 = San Firro Fire Department

118 = Los Santos Police Department

119 = San Firro Police Department

11A = Las Venturas Police Department

11B = C Sheriff (one in Truck) (Shirts different brown or black)

11C = Los Santos Bike Cop

11D = SWAT

11E = FBI

11F = ARMY

120 = D Sheriff (one in Truck) (Shirts different brown or black)

121 = Freezes game

122 = Mission ped Dont work

123 = Mission ped Dont work

124 = Mission ped Dont work

125 = Mission ped Dont work

126 = Mission ped Dont work

127 = Mission ped Dont work

128 = Mission ped Dont work

129 = Mission ped Dont work

12A = Mission ped Dont work

12B = Mission ped Dont work

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wow great find biggrin.gif

Lol a whole list of like 5 pages and than the reply: wow good find biggrin.gif . But what else can you say about it then: Have a cookie cookie.gif .

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how do i use this?

(also, could you tell me how to open maxconvert? it's a *RAR file.

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u use winrar to unrar it ..




then u open the Exe and boom u have maxconvert .. how u use this is up to u..


u pick the section u want to mod say



206A1690 0???0???

206A1694 0???0???

206A1698 0???0???

206A169C 0???0???

206A16A0 0???0???

206A16A4 0???0???

206A16A8 0???0???

206A16AC 0???0???

206A16B0 0???0???

206A16B4 0???0???


fill in the ??? with what kinda Peds u want .. if u only want say 3 peds fill in 3 spots then fill the rest in with 7d0


and that section of peds will be what u tell them to be ..


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i got it, converted my modded popcycles, it ended up like this:






















(from raw to armax NTSC)


but it says it is from the wrong game biggrin.gifcolgate.giftounge.gifsmile.gifblink.gifnervous.gifangry.gifdevil.gifcryani.giframpage_ani.gif

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  • 2 weeks later...

Can someone give me the code for swat, FBI and army using the gimpsuit cheat in ARMax PAL. THANKS cool.gif

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  • 3 months later...

Heey Skiller,

Are these code PAL or NTSC?

If they are NTSC, do they work on PAL?

(I've got GTA: SA Pal) biggrin.gif

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  • 10 months later...

Hey. You mentioned the pedestrian (homeless guy) which had the 'Weel work for pot' sign on him, what about the other two guys (the 'God is playing with us' and 'Will bet for money' guys)? Which one is theirs? I can't find them in the list mentioned above, so are they in there or not? notify.gifnervous.gifturn.gifconfused.gifwow.gifsad.gif

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  • 4 weeks later...
  • 3 years later...
  • 2 years later...
Have read this 10 times and still don't understand it. How do these codes work?

They're cheat device codes, ie:

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

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reform, I know they're cheat device codes, (that is blatantly obvious) but what I was asking was what effects do the codes have and never mind; for I have figured it out.

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Actually, the Jizzy and Wu Zi codes aren't compatible. The game seemed to be working fine than it began lagging. I shut the game off without saving, tried reloading the codes and the game went to a black screen without getting past the loading. Quite a shame but if they worked once at 1st, surely they can be made to work again. Hopefully someone can help me.

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I'm guessing the other digits that freeze the game are of Sweet, Catalina, Toreno, you get the point. I really hope someone can show me how to make these codes work; for they have much potential. Since Sweet, Caesar, Wu Zi, T-Bone Mendez and Johnny Sindacco have gang affiliations, it'd be cool to make Sweet spawn with Grove, Caesar spawn with Aztecas, Wu Zi spawn with the Triads, T-Bone spawn with the Rifas and Johnny spawn with Sindacco mafia.


Anyone wish to help me with my project?

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