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GunGrave mod

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I've made a mods for san an, but really its currentley only for vice because I don't have san an, so really its more of a mod in development, very very early development, so far though I've made a test skin with the Leon Kennedy model to see if I'm good enough to skin all of the proper clothing articles for cj. There is a gun to go with it but I desided not to show it because I used the robocop gun that grim made, so I'm avoiding getting in trouble with him.... maybe if its ok with grim I'll post it later. But either way I am trying to make this mod and I need a small bit of help, can someone post the skins for the cowboy boots, the gray pants, combat jacket, and the cowboy hat. I know this sounds a bit annoying but I'm to impatient to wait for my birthday to get san an, plus I probley won't get it because I own san an for PS2. Anyway, heres the test shots. This mod is ment for white CJ, you can use it on black cj all you want.

user posted image


user posted image


Ok one last thing I swear! I need, if I ever get San An so this mod can be finished 100%, I'll need someone to make cj a new hair style that looks much like this one. plz.

Edited by LeonPlisken

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shouldnt this be in showroom "Player Skins"?

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pretty good but i expected a bit better..not so much a critisium just something from somone who has both games on ps2. his coat needs to be longer he needs that cross eye patch and his trade mark cowboy hat as bear minimum. otherwise pretty good skinning job.

Edited by T-808

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