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BRUm's Psycho Bat!

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BRUm's Psycho Bat


Version 1.0:


-Metallic bat with studs




-More realistic texture

-Larger bat with smaller sharper studs

-With the matching cols

-Ability to rip off limbs

-HUD picture


*Mod for VC*


Just a simple mod which took me under a minute. Been experimenting with Z-Modeler, thought I'd modify the bat a bit tounge.gif I'll release lots more as I get better. Here's a screeny hehehe biggrin.gif


user posted image


user posted image


I know it isn't much like, but heh, nice to butcher peds with devil.gif




(Feedback/notes/rants/compliments welcome biggrin.gif)


//Edit: Fixed link blush.gif

Edited by BRUm

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Lol the textures are really bad and where's the hud picture? That's the normal one. lol.gif


Keep trying and you will model better. smile.gif

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Hehehe, I'm making the texture with the HUD now tounge.gif

Version 2.0 soon wow.gif hehe


The texture seems to only apply to the bat... but not to the studs I added confused.gif

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Version 2.0 Preview tounge.gif


Super large bat, with many small sharper studs biggrin.gif


user posted image


Coming soon ... after I import it using IMG and TXD ^_^




Latest ingame shot of version 2.0!


user posted image


Updated texture from default grey biggrin.gif


user posted image


Here we are, very nice pine texture for the bat wink.gif


However... I'm suspicious of the weapons collisions... It is about 1.5 longer than original bat, and I don't know if the extended end is colliding with objects confused.gif that sound right? Should I edit some sort of cols file? Or should it be colliding?

Edited by BRUm

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Latest shot of ingame bat, with nice pine texture biggrin.gif


user posted image


Version 2.0 coming soon...

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