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Help me to complete my Database...

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I've added the missing function to my SA-Database (and VC-Database) to add unknown Opcodes if you are not a "trusted" person...


So everybody that got some unknown opcode (or at least a description what an unknown opcode does) can add/edit this now.


This doesnt replace the default value for an opcode, it simply adds information next to the existing opcode in the database.


It would be nice if somebody can add opcodes that are found inside bartons SA-INI that are missing in my database...


PS: I already added a lot of opcodes I got via EMail in the last 1/2 year, so dont think I wont read my mails...

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Craig Kostelecky

Thanks TbM2k. I lost the old password when the other topic was moved out of the Research Lab. I updated the change player model opcode. I know there were a couple of others I found, but I can't find the original SA opcode topic anymore. Perhaps it's on the archive server.

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blush.gifhttp://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=194990 is the GTA: SA Opcodes forum


And the way to discover these opcodes is to just enter them in the main.scm file and see what happens am I right? Takes a long time though. I will try some of the opcodes but I need some help myself: When I load_special_actor 'WUZIMU' and check whether it's loaded or not, how do I create him, in Vice you just had to type create_actor 4? #SPECIAL01 at $X $Y $Z. But here it says something like create actor 4 160. The slots 99/???? are for special actors but when I enter 99 it freezes after loading it completely. Help me please... sad.gif


But I'll try some unknown opcodes when I have the time. biggrin.gif


EDIT: Don't know if anyone knew this, but for all the people who didn't, don't call me a noob, I'm just trying to code lol, Vice was easier, you can add new peds with whatever voice you like, so I'm gonna try to add some special ones like Woozie and Claude and others like them... biggrin.gif But I just don't know how to give them drugs, there's something in peds.ide that says other flags like drugs. I'm gonna try to figure this out and maybe make a new gang or something. colgate.gif Ooh, I'm getting myself really happy with this... Srry, just excited I can code something again... I hope at least.


Sorry if my English is bad

Edited by teun.steenbekkers

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Does this mean you'll finally change the description for 011C: ?



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0247: request_model 265

0247: request_model 266

038B: load_requested_models

00D6: if 21

0248: model 265 available

0248: model 266 available

004D: jump_if_false ££Requestpeds

0001: wait 0 ms



009A: $CLAUDE = create_actor 1 265 at 2491 -1666.864 12.8757

009A: $WOOZIE = create_actor 2 266 at 2496 -1666.864 12.8757

0187: $CLMARKER = create_marker_above_actor $CLAUDE

0187: $WOMARKER = create_marker_above_actor $WOOZIE

004E: end_thread


Where the hell do I put this? Damn, in Vice it had to be put beneath Mission 0, at least that worked for me, but I tried putting this beneath Mission 1 and it doesn't work, gives me a memory error. I'll try to do what it says, but when I did it earlier with another code it crashed. suicidal.gif

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't those supposed to go BEFORE Mission 0? As in the main?


Did you create the threads (farther up the main, near the beginning)?

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@ceedj: Well, I don't know actually biggrin.gif I found EXTERNAL_SCRIPT codes which didn't crash my game but didn't load up what I put in it either, if anybody can help me? I'd like to get a little experienced but I don't know where to put the code sad.gif And the peds idea for San Andreas would be cool, maybe I could help a little? smile.gif


EDIT: The request_model opcode uses the entry's from vehicle.ide, peds.ide and default.ide. You can also change clothes from the beginning. Erm... what else do I know after looking at the San Andreas code for 10 minutes. I'm hungry for knowledge, once I start off, I'm gonna make me some experimental mods. biggrin.gif Please help, anyone?

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Sorry for the double post, but can someone help me with where to place the code, I either get a memory error, or my external script won't run. And I do want to help discovering the use of some of the unknown codes... Thanks in advance!

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