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Interior haxx in LV

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Just cruised around with my jetpack and suddenly i flew through the wall in this parking lot house. I travelled through the floor and suddenly i was under Las venturas. I could actually fly into the water with the jetpack too. Here is some pictures of it. I don't know if this is anything new or if you knew this before.



The entrance -


Inside, you can fall through the floor and end up under the city. If you dont use jetpack you will fall for a time and then land on normal ground again - http://upl.silentwhisper.net/uplfolders/up.../gallery215.jpg



Some pics from the exploration:






There seemed to be no way to get inside the area, because the walls were blocking me out. There was also a sh*tload of cops everywhere there.


Edit 2: Found a way in by descending a bit right under the place where the jetpack is. This made me suddenly fall into the room with the jetpack.

Edited by SockerFot

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Well, this is a new way to blue hell (I think) so good job finding it cookie.gif .


Here is some things you can see in blue hell:


1.Gas station in Dillimore (you can enter it through non-solid part)

2. Plastics Factory

3. Area 69


These are the nicest ones.


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King Andreas

Unity station 24/7 interior replaced with unused 24/7 interior. While the regular 24/7 interior is paltry, it's pleasing to be able to say that the unused 24/7 interior is splendid. See for yourself:



Codebreaker 7+
Action Replay Max

76035C00 00000000

28D33FD8 0C31335A



C83794C0 786191D7


Action Replay Max




Replacement 1st lines:

(if need be)










PAL v1
Codebreaker 7+
Action Replay Max

760FDC50 00000000

28D3ABD8 0C31335A



90E6E82B 7C47D06C


Action Replay Max




Replacement 1st lines:

(if need be)









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