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Brown Streak RR

Recommended Posts

Brown Streak RR


user posted image




Liberty City Stories.


What is this?


This, my friend, is an in-depth Frequently Asked Questions guide to Rockstar Game's upcoming Play Station Portable release "Liberty City Stories", a Grand Theft Auto game for the portable gaming world. This FAQ will be updated frequently as new information is released and/or rumored. Please remember, this FAQ is a work in progress and is constantly being improved. The goal of this particular piece of literature is to inform interested parties of the simple questions over the topic of Liberty City Stories.


Who are you?


I am a member of these forums who would like to inform others about this upcoming game. I am a proud owner of a PSP, and I would like to contribute to the GTA:LCS community. I have been an avid player of the GTA series, and I personally feel I know the games well enough. This helps give me some background into what we're looking at in Rockstar's new game. Simply, I'm Brown_Streak_RR (you can call me Devon), and if you need to contact me, just send me a PM. I will get back to you as soon as I can.




FAQ Updates:


06/21/05 - Basic FAQ posted. General information and last-minute updates added.

06/22/05 - Table of Contents added. Two Questions. Minor errors fixed.

10/06/05 - Major FAQ facelift. Information added.




user posted image



Table of Contents

1.) What is Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories?

2.) When will GTA:LCS be released for the PSP?

3.) When and where does GTA:LCS take place?

4.) Who is the main/playable character?

5.) Are there any screenshots?

6.) Is there any information on vehicles?

7.) What about R3/Sub- missions?

8.) What about airplanes? Helicopters?

9.) Will the Liberty City layout be changed?

10.) Will there be a new island?

11.) Will Toni be able to change clothes?

12.) Will Toni have the option to bail out of vehicles?

13.) What weapons will be in the game?

14.) How many missions will there be?

15.) What about Hidden Packages, Unique Jumps, and Rampages?

16.) Will there be some sort of multiplayer?

17.) What about the soundtrack?

18.) How far is the game from completion?




What is Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories?

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (GTA:LCS) is a game being created by Rockstar Leeds, with influence by Rockstar North, which bring the Grand Theft Auto world onto Sony's Play Station Portable (PSP). The game is focused in Liberty City three years before the setting of Grand Theft Auto III on the PS2.




When will GTA:LCS be released for the PSP?

Rockstar has confirmed the release date for the United States as October 25, 2005. The European release date will follow shortly afterward, sometime between October 28, 2005 and early November.




When and where does GTA:LCS take place?

As mentioned before, GTA:LCS takes place in Liberty City, from the first 3-D installment of the series for the Playstation 2. The city, according to Rockstar, is basically unchanged, except for updates to some of the buildings and an enlargement of Shoreside Vale (the 3rd island in GTAIII). New landmarks will also be added. Obviously, the graphics will get a makeover as well. The game period is set in the year 1998. Carpetdweller has made a site comparing GTAIII and LCS screenshots, and can be found here.




Who is the main/playable character?

Contrary to popular belief, you will not play as the voiceless character ("Fido") from GTAIII. Toni Cipriani, a boss from GTAIII, will be the playable character. The story: "Still some years away from the garlic bread and candles, Cipriani is fresh back in the city after a while laying low, having offed a fellow mobster as a favour to Don Salvatore Leone. The grateful Salvatore puts you straight back to work beating things to a pulp." Toni will be controlled by the analog stick on the PSP.


Note: Toni may be also be spelled Tony because I personally have seen it used both ways. Be aware they both refer to the same person.



Are there any screenshots?

Yes. Considering the game is a month away from release, a wealth of information and screenshots are available. Many can be found on Rockstar's Official Site for Libery City Stories.


Rockstar's Official LCS Site


This site was last updated September 30th, 2005. News, Screenshots, Character Information, Plot Information, and Video and Audio Clips can be found here.




Is there any information on vehicles?

All of the cars from GTAIII will be in the game, along with all the bikes from GTA: Vice City. We do know the cars will be revamped, getting much needed updates for the time period. Reflections will be improved too. Car modification shops, such as those in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, are unconfirmed. Motorcycles have been clearly confirmed and will be included in the game. Actual bicycles are still an unknown at this point, but possible.


timpo has set up a nice Official Vehicles Topic here on GTAF. Some cars, such as the Clover, have returned from San Andreas, according to President Killer.


And of course, rail transportation will be back with the L train. Ferries have also been confirmed, as they will be the link between Portland and Staunton, with the Callahan Bridge under construction.




What about R3/Sub- missions?

The classic, yet improperly dubbed for the PSP, "R3 missions" (Taxi, Ambulance, etc.) will be included in GTA:LCS. These have also been refered to as Submissions in the games. There is still no idea on how they will be activated though, seeing as there is no R3 button on the PSP.




What about airplanes? Helicopters?

Air vehicles, such as jets and helicopters are in the game, and can be seen in many screenshots. However, we do not know if we will be able to pilot them.




Will the Liberty City layout be changed?

Map changes include the fact that Shoreside Vale, the third island in Liberty City, will be expanded and curl up on top of Stanton Island, the second island you gain access to in GTAIII. The unfinished tunnels in GTAIII may have a meaning after all. What will be included in this landscape is still largely unknown.




Will there be a new island?

No. As in the previous question, Shoreside Vale will be enlarged as it curves up over Stanton. No new island will exist.




Will Toni be able to change clothes?

Yes. Supposedly the clothing system will be similar to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's clothing setup, where Toni can change clothes in his apartment, and maybe at other locations. We do not know if new clothing will be able to be purchased, as it was in San Andreas.




Will Toni have the option to bail out of vehicles?





What weapons will be in the game?

As in previous GTA games, we can expect a generous assortment. So far, a shotgun, handgun, Tec 9, and sniper rifle have been seen in unofficial screenshots. More to come ion this subject, for sure.




How many missions will there be?

According to rumors, the storyline should be about as long as Vice City, which means a whole lot of missions. More information, and the stories for the first two missions, can be seen here.




What about Hidden Packages, Unique Jumps, and Rampages?

They will be in the game, hidden in all new locations.




Will there be some sort of multiplayer?

Liberty City Stories will have mutliplayer. There will be seven different types of games. One of these is the infamous "Liberty City Survivor". More information can be found at Rockstar's Official Website.




What about the soundtrack?

Radio stations will be in the game. Many "old" stations from GTAIII have returned, such as Lips 106, Double Cleff FM, Head Radio and Rise FM. A new radio station called the Electron Zone Radio has been confirmed as well.




How far is the game from completion?

At this point, the game would have to be nearly finished, with final touch-ups and testing occuring as we speak.



*Please remember this is a growing process, and this will be constantly updated as more details and factors are learned about Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Thank you for your understanding.







GTA:LCS Wikipedia Entry

•Various Topics around GTAF and Other Sites.

Play2Mania Spanish Gaming Magazine and its Translation.

GTA Central for the article translation.

for LCS/GTAIII comparisons.

Thanks You's:


Barbaneez (For his intellectual input and guidance.)

yngve (For his stunning graphics.)

PresidentKiller (For his extreme helpfulness in the Oct. 6 update.)

carpetdweller (For his story correction.)


user posted image

Edited by Brown_Streak_RR
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Brown Streak RR

Don't worry Mob, I'll look into it. Check for an update.


FYI, I added the translation of the German (which was similar to the Spanish article) translation which can be found at Barbaneez's GTAC site.



Edited by Brown_Streak_RR
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@Mobman: This was from an interview with Dan Houser done by OPS2 Magazine:


OPS2: "What about multiplayer?

Dan Houser: "We're still obsessed with the single player at this point."

Although Houser didn't exactly of course point to the direction of the words "GTA: LCS will not have multiplayer" there are really no other ways it can be interpretted. I think what Dan Houser means is that GTA: LCS will have single player as every other game has (but if you want to be technical count SA if you want I guess, via the "mini multiplayer" stuff). In addition I think he ends with the words "at this point". As time goes on Rockstar is seeming to have deepening relationships with Sony and they're taking advantage of everything Sony has to offer at this point (The PSP, The PS3, etc.). As we all know, the PSP is greatly capable of multiplayer technologies. The reason why I pointed out Houser's words of "at this point" is because I think it's a possibility that if Rockstar continues to work with Sony hand-in-hand eventually we will see a multiplayer-compatible GTA game, and possibly on the PSP as that is what Dan Houser was being interviewed about when he said those words. Anyways, I think what Houser said is solid concrete proof that GTA: LCS will have no multiplayer in it - and even if Rockstar is planning on making the next GTA (including GTA: LCS) with a multiplayer feature - I personally think they would want to launch it on a stronger console, like the PS3, not the PSP.


@BSRR: Your topic looks excellent and I think it is an asset to the GTA: LCS forums already. The banner looks swell as well, I'm glad you decided to stick with an image one rather than a boring old text one. wink.gif

I can't wait to see the updates as more information is learnt about GTA: LCS. I'm looking forward to the screen index as well. As I said, it's a great topic you've made and it's one of the only ones overviewing GTA: LCS at this point which makes it unique and resourceful at the same time.

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Brown Streak RR

Noted. Thanks mankind.


Barbaneez: Thanks for those kind words. blush.gif I'm glad you approve... and thanks for the explaination of the multiplayer to clear that up.

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Dan Houser quoted in Playstation Official Magazine-UK:

"If GTA3 was roughly 2001, this is roughly '98, though we keep it fairly loose on the actual years."

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Brown Streak RR

No, multiplayer isn't very likely. Dan basically said there will be no multiplayer. confused.gif


Of course, you would know this if you read the FAQ. tounge.gif

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Brown Streak RR

Done MOB. I agree 100% with Barbaneez, but I will say that at this point it doesn't look good, but nothing official has been said. Thanks for the comments guys.

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Dammit. According to the asshats at psmonline, there will definately be multiplayer. I shouldn't have trusted those sons of bitches. Those no good sons of bitches.
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Brown Streak RR
^Really,gonna have to check that out.Hey btw I translated a part of the German article and it said the game was 80% done. sly.gif

Um. Yes. Read the last question. smile.gif

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Brown Streak RR
At this point, [Rumor] Australian sources


Yes,I was just letting you know that the German mag. also said so.

Noted. Thanks MOB. I'll add it in the next update. I'm sure the Spanish magazine said something too.


Now if only we could get that U.S. version... biggrin.gif

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Brown Streak RR
According to Wikipedia, the release date is September 1, 2005.

Yes. Amazon has a different date, EB Games has another one, Best Buy has yet another, and Wikipedia has another. There is no official release date. As soon as one is released, you will know about it, I guarantee. smile.gif

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Looking at this pic:


user posted image


It seems that the license plates in LCS will be like San Andreas', not the ugly "generic" ones that GTA3 had. smile.gif

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Brown Streak RR

@simon: Thanks buddy. You know I always appreciate your comments. smile.gif


@Pres. Killer: Nice spot. I didn't even think about that. Cookie. cookie.gif

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Ok - I know there isn't an answer to this yet, but I'm asking now so Brown_Streak_RR can add it to the list later.


Which buildings can I go inside?


I'm wondering if they've expanded on the interiors since GTA3. Do we have more of the Leone or Cartel Mansions? Can we access the parts of the bistro seen in Vice or SA? Are there working clothes and food stores? I wonder if they've redesigned the Ammunation stores.


Please no-one comment on this unless you have an official answer. I don't want to take this topic away from the facts. I'd just be interested to have it listed when the answers are known. You know I have a things for interiors. We all have our particular interests and I'm sure there'll be a fact about trains added to the first post at sometime.


Oooh - I'd love to derail the L-Train and crash through the traffic below.

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Is it alright if I ask a question to add to the list.



Will Toni be able to swim?

Will boats be a type of transportation in the game?

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  • 2 weeks later...
Brown Streak RR

Yes, I do believe boats will be in the game. I might add that question.


I won't add if Toni can swim because we don't know at this point. confused.gif

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