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GTA Forums 3D

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Hello everyone. This is a project that i started today. I though i come to this site everyday and what do i do for the admins and mods that work so hard keeping it running. Nothing. So i though i could put my "skill" to use. Im making a city dedicated to all respected members. If your a mod/admin you garunted somthing in the city. If you have 5 or more karma you get a building. If you think you do deserve and qualify or think you do post and tell me what kind of building you want.


Illy sorry if you dont like this i started on yours alread with a car garage.


user posted image


The team:


Me- Buildings and such

Skatehead- Generic Objects.

Moto- Buildings

Edited by -GRAVITY2-
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Ya it should be fun. The buildings are based on the persons personality. Me and moto are both working on it right now.
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Ok sounds good Oct. BTW heres a update for everybody.


Heres the new illy building.

user posted image


Take a look at that sand

user posted image


Moto should have something to show soon. And i fixed the sand in the first pic dont worry.

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I'd like a porn shop for me, but i'm unworthy. Looks great though, keep up the good work! smile.gif

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Brown Streak RR

And I want a train station. smile.gif


(But, I, too, am unworthy.)


Hehehe. Looks cool. I like the effect of the buildings. What program are you using?

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Technical Difficulty
I think from the look of the screens, you need to add a bit more texture to the concrete. The font on the "Illy's Garage" is a bit iffy too. Other than that it looks alright.
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3DS MAX7. Heres last update for today on illy. 56k users dont click it might take a while.


user posted image


edit: I was going to do your 7-11 but if you want Moto to so be it.

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If moto doesn't make me a 7-11, I'll break every single one of your legs.




I'm in.

He said respected members, nooblet.











Someone find me a good concrete texture. High-res preferred, must be tiling. "Back-alley" style if possible.

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Nice idea, look forward to following this through. Can't wait to see the end result. Damn, I wish I was a respected member.
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Heh, certainly is a cool idea. Already spoke over PM about building, but haven't any ideas for it as of yet.. like I said, you just come up with one.

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Ok gangsta im thinking of a gun store for you? Yawn i need a mustang for illys garage. And its time to make illys garage interior.
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Damn, i've been here for like 3 years and haven't got one star. I wont get a building by the looks of things lol. Nice work though, i'd like to see it once more buildings are added.

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Mofo, that brick texture is mesmerizing for some reason, but it just doesn't look right. Maybe break up the patterning with a broken brick or something. Other than that, the neon sign is leetacular. The ground is good. The cardboard box is kinda weird, but that's not a focal point so it doesn't matter.


Overall, that is leet on a scale of pyroboy to hoon.

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This idea is ingenious.

Also, it makes me horny.


One thing, shouldn't the sign say "illy's" instead of "Illy's"?

I just thought I'd mention it before Svip sees.

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