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New Administrator - adamcs


Recommended Posts

Say hello to your new forums administrator Adamcs!


He's been doing a great job with us here for quite a long time now and has virtually full access to the network, so this little bump-up is simply a cosmetic fix smile.gif

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Aw shucks, I thought the honor would go to Dem. That would be absolutely hilarious (not that I'm saying it would be a good thing, so don't jump out of your chair and scream "Dumbass!"), but of course Adamcs is way more deserving, so congratulations and all that stuff.

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Congratulations adam, can't say I didn't see this one coming.


(20:41:42) (@BroDan) he wouldn't be there if it wasn't for me tounge.gif
Some people are just damn rude. wink.gif
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Water boy says:First of all, Congratulations to Adamcs! xmas.gifbiggrin.gifrah.gif


but then who's going to take over adamcs's position as a moderator? Water boy runs away

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A worthy promotion, I do say.


Congrats, Adam. You have certainly worked hard over the past few years to help improve the GTA Network and I suppose this is a token of appreciation.


Good show, ol' bean. smile.gif

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From what I've seen adamcs is a fine moderator and I'm sure he'll make a fine admin too. Congratulations on the promotion. biggrin.gif

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I seem to remember him being listed as an administrator not too long ago away, it's about time they made it official tounge.gif


Jolly good show, ol' boy monocle.gif

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Congrats adamcs, even though I don't know you, as i've not been around long enough. I used to view the forums a lot as guest since about July '04, and from what I have seen, this is a great move. Although I must admit I thought he was already an admin.
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I knew this was gonna happen any day now, and it finally did... Congratulations, anyone would be honored to be in your shoes lol, I know I would
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I Love Anna Kournikova
Yay for Leo_Teal!


Oh man, when I came on I thought it was for Demarest. I thought I was going to kill myself.

Exactly what I was thinking.


Congrats Leo.

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