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Can't do the "Evidence Dash" mission...

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Is there a esay way to do the Evidence Dash.


The car is on a point on the rader, but when i go there, the car is now on a another point of the rader, and when i go back, another point and so on ??? sneaky2.gif


This is on the screen to "That car is a Decoy!!" ???????


Is this a bug or ??? suicidal.gif


I have v1.1


Please someone. I am now playing the game 20th time. And allways got stok her.


Sorry my bad English barf8bd.gif

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Firstly you dont need to make 2 topics asking the same thing, as for help on the mission "Evidence Dash" Steal a fast car, and go to the red blip on the radar, it's a bobcat and has a blue arrow over it, just ram it and pick up the evidence that falls out of it, there is no time limit on this mission so take your time, you might have to switch vechiles as you will get damage from all the ramming biggrin.gif

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I've only seen that mission state that if the truck is destroyed in any way except for falling in the water. You're not supposed to destroy it. Just nudge it until a package comes out. It's best if after the first package, you collect a couple bribes or visit the Pay N Spray. Then you can finish harrassing the truck without the Police interfering.

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