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new preview in german PLAY


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choke the chicken

goddamnit!!!! cant there be one thats readable in english already! if some one could translate the article for me that would be great.

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...... OMG!!!!!!!!!!I dont belive it............you have bandwith problems!Plz get them back up and running. ..........



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Try telling the guys at GTAPSP.com and send them the pics. The'll be more than happy to help. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing them. Are there any new screen shots or any new info you can make out?

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user posted image user posted image user posted image


user posted image user posted image


Since ImageShack isn't cooperating, I put them on my server.

These are the same scans (click the thumbnails to enlarge) as LSD has linked to above, so thank him for scanning them and sharing them with the GTA community.

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Nothing new in tyerms of screens,but it might have new info.I translated this bit using Babel Fish.



The actor Michael Madsen(some movies/games here) becomes, as in "GTA III", tonuses Cipriani his voice to borrow. The other synchronous speakers are not well-known yet.


The first part seems to confirm Madsen as Toni.The ladder is ethier saying that the rest of the cast is unknown or "unknowns" are playing the parts.If I find anything else cool,I'll post it.

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Still no info on IMDB on Madsen doing the voice, the only new thing is that picture of Salvatore on the cover

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Not a lot new, except bit on targeting hopefully Rockstar will release some official screens soon.

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