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the best thing that the could put in GTALCS is


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i'm just tired of have all that money, to not have use for it, sure buyin clothes and food and all that other sh*t is good but its the ability to buy buildings that makes GTA true to life and worth the hours that i put into it. and can u imagine th posiblities if it is online, with people trying to take ur real estate. it was fun in VC, but for some reason SA did not have any good places that was worth buying. this would be good for a hanheld game too

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Real estate in GTA: LCS?

Well it's no doubt a possibility - considering you could buy different buildings in the previous GTAs. But I don't think you'll see anything different in LCS, just the usual: new safehouses.

Maybe for the next GTA though? wink.gif

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personally, i thought that the asset side missions in vice city were some of the best - obviously some were totally key to the plot, and others were needed to initiate Sonny coming to VC, but missions to get hold of bitchin' dog food, punk noodles, mean street taxi's, Toni's restaurant in St. Marks, would rule.. just so long as there's nothing like the cherry popper's one, I'll be happy.. that was the most irritating mission ever.


still, one of things I hope is developed more than in GTA3 is the street racing, because lets face, while the Turismo mission was good, with just the checkpoint one to add, there just wern't enough. still, given the scope of the game engine, they could virtually build in Midnight Club 3 as a side mission.

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